Pottery Barn Townsend Coffee Table: Valentine's Day

Remember my Pottery Barn Townsend coffee table I decorated for Christmas? Well a new holiday means new decor! I took down all of my X-mas decorations on 12/26, but wasn't quite ready to break out all of the pink quite yet. This meant that my house looked like a pure white skeleton for a couple of weeks.

Color Code Your Calendar Using Washi Tape

Tis the season of new calendars and fresh starts. One of my favorite activities {if you can call it that} is filling things out. Whether it is medical forms, to-do lists, planners or calendars, I just love it. There's something so satisfying about filling in all of the boxes. I probably sound insane.

Valentine's Day Charger

Happy Monday everyone! 
Today I'm going to share a very easy Valentine's Day decoration. First of all, have you seen the new V-Day Decor at Michael's? So cute. I found this blue teal aqua{?} sparkly charger the other day and just had to have it. This project doesn't require much instruction, but I'll tell you anyway...

Friday Favorites: Mirrored Furniture

Today I'm crushing on mirrored furniture. Seriously? How classy. Not everyone's decor works with this style, but I still think everyone deserves even a small piece. I recently started my collection with that Target side table you see in the bottom right of the picture above. Target had it on clearance for $23.00! I had to have it. I also got a mirrored jewelry box on clearance for less than $10. Mirrored furniture can get pretty pricey, so it is important to shop around to confirm that you are making the best decision. 

Dollar Spot Diaries: Valentine's Day Pom Pom Garland

As I discussed last week, I have a major addiction to the dollar section at Target. I started a new series called "Dollar Spot Diaries" where I plan to force myself into using the things I buy from there. Today I'm going to show you a ridiculously easy craft. This is more of just an easy craft though. It means that I actually did something with my purchase and I don't just have a bag of pom poms sitting in a drawer now. Go me!

Meet Chad 5

Meet Chad 5. 
Chad 5 is the newest addition to our family and I just absolutely adore him. He doesn't make messes, he keeps our dogs company and he's looks so elegant in our house. What a perfect fit! Chad 5 came to us on Christmas thanks to my dear {pun intended} brother in law who bought him at Z Gallerie. He is made of a very detailed white resin and hangs on the wall with ease.

FMS Photo-A-Day Recap: Week Two

We've made it through our second week of 2014. Hopefully you've gotten back into your routine after the holidays and were able to start fresh in the new year. I have actually been doing pretty well with my goal to take a photo each day. Some days I don't go many places, which, as you will see, results in lots of pictures of my dogs. 

Craft Room Organization with 12x12" Cubes

Today we're talking about 12"x12" cubes. You know, those shelves everyone has? They can be found basically anywhere and you even get to choose the color of those fabric fold up drawers to put inside of them. If you are indecisive like I am, you've probably gone through at least a couple different color schemes. What some people don't know, though, is how versatile these cubes are. I have about 18 more cubes in my craft room than I can fit right now, so I headed to Pinterest for some inspiration. 

The Silhouette Blog never disappoints with their organization ideas. I love these boxes with bold white labels. 

This office from Two Twenty One is just so calming to look at. I love the pastel accents against the white shelves. What a great use of the desk as well!

This crafter uses her space really well with cubes surrounding her desk without looking cluttered. I also love the bold white photo frames to highlight the accents in that blue room.

This shelf from Organized Design is to die for. After seeing this picture, I'm considering changing my craft room from pink to black. These cubes look less like a storage unit and more like a display cabinet.

I can't find the image source for this on Pinterest, but all I have to say is wow. This. Is. Classy. It doesn't necessarily use 12x12" cubes, but you could definitely turn them into something like this.

I am just so jealous of the amount of space Becki has in her craft room. I love this craft island! You could easily build a desk like this using a mix of 3x3 and 2x3 cube shelves.

As seen on Decorology, mounting these 12x12" cubes on the wall is a great use of space.

I'm a big fan of counter-height table tops like this one from Make It-Love It. This is similar to the way I have mine set up right now. It's so great to be able to stand while working after a long day of crafting!

You can't go wrong with a bring pink craft room like Jill has. Look at all that storage!

Although this isn't the configuration of my desk anymore, I have to show you what my husband surprised me with a couple of years ago. I'm still so obsessed with it!

Stay tuned for my craft room reveal. Hint: it involves lots of 12x12" cubes!

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FMS Photo-A-Day Recap: Week One

One of my goals this year was to keep up with Fat Mum Slim's Photo-A-Day prompts. This goal goes hand-in-hand with my goal of making a weekly Project Life page. That hasn't quite happened yet, but I have taken a photo a day! I encourage you to play along and post on social media using #FMSPhotoADay. All the cool kids are doing it. My tip for success is to save this image as your lock screen or home screen on your phone so that it is in front of you all day.
2014, here I come...
1. Lunch
John and I got a Mickey waffle maker for Christmas. Since we never have eggs, he created his own version of the Bisquick recipe and it is so good. Not to mention, we have really cute plates from Target clearance to eat off of. If you're wondering, yes, we ate waffles for lunch. I had 2 weeks off work and I slept in every single day. It was amazing.

2. Begins with G
Speaking of Target clearance. My friend and I found this Gold end table the other day. I basically stole this from Target. $17 bucks people. I went there like 4 times last week because I'd find a better deal every day.

3. My Town
This is a shot of our downtown area lit up for Christmas. I love our little town and all of the community events they have. We walked around that night looking at the Christmas Tree Grove, which had tons of trees sponsored and decorated by local companies and families.

4. Word to Live By
I changed this prompt to "Words" to live by because I love these words. Think about it. Be one of the few. #honorwithoutenvy

5. Found
DO YOU SEE WHAT MY HUSBAND IS CARRYING!!! Approximately 56 weeks before this, I posted on Instagram about how bad I wanted this fuchsia velvet chair from World Market. Guess what I found sitting by its lonesome out side of the store. Yeah, I practically ran to the chair and sat in it until my husband finished the transaction. To.Die.For

It's not too late to join in! Leave me a comment telling me your Instagram username if you're participating in #FMSPhotoADay. Click the link below to see mine.

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Top 10 favorite projects in 2013

Before I can officially move on to 2014, I wanted to do a recap of my 10 favorite projects in 2013. From DIY home furnishings and decor to refurbishing old furniture, I'm proud to say that we accomplished a lot this year. 

Let's take a look back to see some of my favorite projects... 
1. We managed to build a farmhouse table with corresponding benches this year. Large project, but amazing results. 
2. Amazingly enough, not only did I complete this project, but I actually pulled it off. This repurposed credenza tutorial brightened up our master bedroom and brought over a lot of traffic from Pinterest for me this year.
3. These Dollar Store serving trays were a huge hit at my Sister-in-Law's bridal shower. Perfect for her mini-food and rainbow themed party... and cheap too!
4. I started posting themed Friday Favorites this year. My mason jar meal roundup was one of the most popular.
5. This doesn't apply to everyone, but if you're a crafter and own tons of vinyl, then this post benefited you. It was sort of genius, in my opinion.
6. After I discovered that Home Depot sells sheets of chalkboard, I brought home a large piece and used crown molding to create this framed chalkboard for my craft room. I'll let you in on a little secret. I still have never written on it. I'm terrible at writing with chalk, but it sure looks pretty. 
7. John designed and built this coffee table with interchangeable top for our new house earlier this year. Whenever I have a really long list of expectations for one piece of furniture, he usually ends up building it. This table fits perfect into the L shape of our couch and allows me to change out the top design whenever I want. I had high hopes of changing this out for the holidays, but I never got around to it. Classic Hilary.
8. This was the summer of mason jars and lemonade at my house. This wasn't the most unique or complicated recipe, but dang is this sweet strawberry lemonade good.
9. Some of my first "sewing" projects on the blog this year were these pillows made using napkins. Once I realized how easy this was, I started feeling napkins at stores to see if they are double sided. Heaven forbid I sew all four sides of a square cloth together. 
10. What's the first thing you do when you get a new house? You put liner in all of your kitchen cabinets. Or if you're like me, you turn it into a ridiculously large project and you can't unpack anything for a week until it's done. 

I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest this year, so I'm excited to see what kind of projects 2014 will bring us!
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Dollar Spot Diaries: Coupon Keeper

Welcome to my first installment of Dollar Spot Diaries
I came to the realization that I visit Target at least weekly and have purchased basically everything in the Dollar Spot aisles. The problem? I get home and never know what to do with any of it. So today is the day I stop hoarding and start crafting.
One of my financial goals for the new year is to use more coupons. I usually save all applicable coupons with good intention of using them, but when the time comes they always seem to be in my second to left kitchen drawer at home. Fail.
So here is my tip of the day. Go to the Target Dollar Spot, grab one of these cute little file pocket things. We're going to call it a coupon keeper. I bought two, because of course I couldn't only buy one.
Now gather all of your coupons. I separated mine into six categories: Home, Grocery, Beauty, Retail, Crafts, Other
Once you figure out the different categories, it is time to put labels on the tabs. The coupon keeper should come with white labels to put on each one. Be careful. This is not an easy task.
I'm going to introduce a new term to you today. I basically just made it up. You know what OOTD means, right? {Outfit Of The Day} Well, my new thing is #COTD, Craftastrophe Of The Day. Let's be honest, it happens daily to the best of us. Don't be ashamed. #COTD, pass it on.

Tips on how not to royally screw this
whole labeling thing up like I did: 
1. Make sure you use a pen that won't smear.
2. Write on the labels before you stick them on the folder.
3. Don't have crappy handwriting.
4. Don't try to trick the system by cutting out minuscule labels using vinyl with your Silhouette. It won't work. Trust me.
5. If you do mess up the labels, that trusty $1 coupon keeper comes with 6 extra. 

I ended up numbering each tab and then making a key with Silhouette vinyl. You could simply use a Sharpie if you're not as neurotic as I am. The main goal here is to carry coupons with you at all times! 

Check out some more money saving tips on Pinterest:

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