Meet Chad 5

Meet Chad 5. 
Chad 5 is the newest addition to our family and I just absolutely adore him. He doesn't make messes, he keeps our dogs company and he's looks so elegant in our house. What a perfect fit! Chad 5 came to us on Christmas thanks to my dear {pun intended} brother in law who bought him at Z Gallerie. He is made of a very detailed white resin and hangs on the wall with ease.

Chad 5 loves dressing up too. He accessorized his antlers for Christmas and is currently wearing this beautiful pom-pom necklace in preparation for Valentine's Day.
I feel like you're probably curious why his name is Chad 5. Well, every animal my brother-in-law has had is named Chad. He doesn't hold onto animals for very long, so he's never had multiple Chads at one time. Chad 5 was just so fitting for the deer head since he bought it for us.

Chad 5 is going to be a regular around here, so stay tuned to hear about the crazy antics he gets himself into!

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