Mid-Calf Boots for Under $35

Kohls // K-Mart // Target // Old Navy
Forever 21 // JC Penney // H&M
Mid-calf boots are totally on-trend right now. Search Pinterest for them and you'll end up pinning cozy fall outfits for hours. I put together a list of seven places where you can buy mid-calf boots for less than $35. A lot of these are on sale right now so if anything catches your eye, jump on it!

I bought the K-Mart ones almost 3 years ago because of this brilliant idea from A Beautiful Mess. However, my fashion savvy husband would never let me wear them out of the house because, well, I wear a size 10 and they're not the most feminine thing I've ever worn. Fast forward three years and now they're all the rage. I dusted those babies off {literally} and proudly wore them downstairs for approval. Apparently they're "sooooo cute" now. That's my problem I guess, always ahead of the trends :)

Happy fall ya'll!

P.S. None of these are affiliate links. I just really love this trend. Happy shopping!

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Mixed Media Tags

I'm not really even sure what to call this post. I'll go with "Mixed Media Tags", but they could also be cards or labels depending on what you do with them. The most important point I want to get across with this project is that... did you know there is a tool that can help you make your own doilies?! Yes it's true. People think I'm super crafty, but really it's because I've discovered tools like this: 

You're welcome. That can be our little secret :) 

So back to that card/tag/label thing. I got the idea from Amy Lou Hawthorne's Instagram. If you aren't already following her, you must. She's super cute, crafty and has a huge heart. I always get excited to see her name pop up on my Insta feed. After I saw her post about these I had the urge to throw a whole bunch of random things together to create art. And so I did. 

I used: hand punched doilies, cupcake liners, ribbon, buttons, paper tags, wooden letters, washi tape, a clothespin, a brad & my hot glue gun to get it to all stick together. This was actually a very peaceful and rewarding project. I'm not sure what to do with them now, but it sure was fun gathering all of the random items to create art! 

If you ever have crafters block, but are dying to do something creative, I would definitely recommend this project. Super simple and most importantly, no rules. 

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Pottery Barn Townsend Coffee Table: Halloween

I'm officially a slacker. It's November now, but I'm still going to post about the Halloween decor that I set up mid-September. mmmkay?

Have I shared how much I love this coffee table yet? Ok, maybe I have. (Valentine's Day & Christmas) I actually think I might nominate this as one of my most favorite pieces of furniture in our home. 

I actually had all of these items on hand already. I went on a massive shopping spree at Michael's while everything was on clearance after last Halloween. The best part? That "massive shopping spree" only cost about $30 because everything was 70% off. 

In my table you will find: 
- Michael's Crafts: Metallic green spider, glitter pumpkins, skulls & eyes, fake moss, Boo! sign
- Scrabble tiles
- World Market: Skeleton plate/spoon holder
- Mini glass viles from Pick Your Plum
- Large glass vile from the Dollar Spot at Target
- Pumpkin painted Christmas ornaments from here
-Trick or Treat printable from here

Stay tuned for some more Halloween posts coming up. Because if stores are allowed to start selling Christmas decor in September, why can't I post about Halloween in November? 

Follow Hilary Richards's board Holiday | Halloween on Pinterest.

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Today's post is all about presentation. Do you ever get more wrapped up in the presentation of something than you do with giving the actual gift? I feel like that happens to me a lot. I just love cute things so much.

I was thinking the other day about how if I were a mom, I would spoil the crap out of my kid's fellow students (I know that's easy for me to say now). So then I came up with this little project, strictly based on cute presentation. I figure baked goods are always a cheap and thoughtful thing to hand out to people, so I realized that even if I'm just handing someone a single cookie, I could distract them with cute packaging and it would be a lot more meaningful. 

So here's the plan: 

1. Bake a batch of medium to large sized cookies.
2. Put them into cute treat bags.
3. Fold the top of the bags over and punch two holes into them. 
4. Tie some twine through. 
5. Slap a cute label on. 

But first, procure the supplies:

Bags & Twine
I got these bags & twine, in many colors, from Pick Your Plum. If they aren't available on that site when you need them, you can also find the bags here and twine here.

I found these Avery round kraft labels on Amazon for only 10 bucks for 225 labels. That's a lot of treat bags! I downloaded the free template, downloaded some free fonts from dafont.com & printed them out. The hardest part of this was trying to think of something witty to write on the labels.

Now go wow the socks off of your fellow room moms or co-workers.

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Now that I'm married to a teacher, I'm always thinking of cheap gifts he could give to his colleagues {ok fine, something I can give his colleagues}. I have been hoarding these black & white striped boxes for a while now, originally purchased from Pick Your Plum. I designed and printed off some labels, slapped them onto some boxes and intend to fill them with homemade cookies. 

Similar Boxes: Black Striped Favor Box

How cute are these Halloween Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies? We'll see how well I can pull these off...

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Is it bad that I decorated my house for Halloween on September 14th? Eek, yeah, that's bad. 

Since decorating was out of the way, I got a bug up my butt (pun intended) a few weekends ago and pulled every single black, green, orange & purple item out of every drawer in my craft room. 

Sometimes I need to accomplish one really simple project to get my creative juices flowing. This is definitely the project for that. Literally, just cut the ring part off of plastic spider rings and hot glue them to paper straws. You can use them as either straws or stir sticks. If you intend to use them as straws, leave room for lips at the top above the spiders. 

If you don't have the tools already, here are some low cost alternatives:  

Aaaannnnddd that's that. 

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Summer Home Tour: Family Room

I'm really excited to show off the current state of our family room. I feel like it is finally getting close the point where I can call it "finished" and move on to another room. A few months ago I woke up and decided I wanted to do something drastic that day. Our walls were already painted a light blue/grey color, but there were 3 rather large walls that were just blank. I needed to add some pizzaz without making them too busy. So I grabbed my painter's tape and started measuring out the lines. Of course, because I am me, I measured wrong and had to redo one wall all over again. By the second wall I had it down, so it went up no problem. 

I'll tell you a lil secret though. That chair rail on top was put there to cover up a mistake. I measured wrong and it would have ended up with a white stripe on top if I continued any higher. There was no way I could handle the aesthetic of a white stripe against a white ceiling, so I had to think fast to come up with a solution to fix it. I sent John to Home Depot and he bought this chair rail that I painted white and then nailed to the wall to finish it off. I am actually quite satisfied with the results of it though. Now we can hang things up there if we want to, but since it is still at about eye-level it looks complete just the way it is. Total #MeasureOnceCutTwice moment on my part though.

I decided that the dining room needed some detail in it since it is the first wall you see when you walk into the back part of the house. I have a bunch of paper mache letters left over from different projects, so I decided on the word "gather" and went out to the garage to start assembling. This sign was made using a piece of wood I already had on hand, and with the same color of paint used on the walls. I think it was the perfect addition to a wall that I had originally made a mistake on!

We got this white ladder bookshelf from John's mom who bought it from Pottery Barn years ago. I enjoy bringing different types of items together to create a classy and unique display. The blankets are my favorite item on this shelf. They are so handy when we have people over because everyone gets their own. Between our big comfy couch and our big screen TV, these blankets make it impossible to stay awake for more than 15 minutes.

We have books staged all around our house for various reasons, some bring height to a display and some to bring color and detail to a room. The books I have on this shelf are cute and colorful, but our guests can also open them up and get some entertainment from them. Especially "A Pug's Guide to Etiquette." So Cute. 

The candle holders you see on the left are just cans that I spray painted white and wrapped twine around. Any can will work for this simple project, I think these were made out of canned corn. The white candles inside of them are propped up higher with a block inside of the can. They fit perfectly and no one would know the difference! Also... how cool is this radio that we got from John's grandparent's? You can't really tell, but it has a retro aqua-marine colored case around it. 

You may have spotted some other projects in this post that I'm also very proud of:

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Pottery Barn Townsend Coffee Table

Hey strangers! I haven't been blogging very much lately, mainly because I'm either asleep on the couch or glued to the TV watching Orphan Black. {My real job has really sucked the energy from me lately.} Even though I haven't put much effort into showing off my projects, I have definitely accomplished a lot in the past few months. 

My favorite little coffee table has been making quite the splash in our living room this summer. Everyone is so intrigued by this Pottery Barn table that I got second-hand. I love going through the creative process to come up with things to put inside of it.

I considered making a 4th of July themed table for the month of June, but realized that would require too much effort, so I just stuck with a nautical theme. I figured that can at least get me through September before I need to change it out for the holidays. 

Most of the items in here are from Home Goods. A lot of the shells/sticks/balls were from a pack of potpourri that I just separated to look like individual items. The larger orbs are sold in 3-packs separately. The glass bottles are my favorite touch; I bought these from Pick Your Plum a while ago and have been hoarding them ever since. You know, just in case I needed to throw a nautical/pirate/fairy [dust] party. Because I do that so often.

A similar version of this coffee table is on sale at Pottery Barn right now. Only $599! HA. Yeah right. I paid $80 for mine. Make sure to check your local Craigslist or see if you can DIY it before paying the big bucks. 

Click to check out my Christmas & Valentine's Day day themed tables. So much fun!

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