Pottery Barn Townsend Coffee Table

Hey strangers! I haven't been blogging very much lately, mainly because I'm either asleep on the couch or glued to the TV watching Orphan Black. {My real job has really sucked the energy from me lately.} Even though I haven't put much effort into showing off my projects, I have definitely accomplished a lot in the past few months. 

My favorite little coffee table has been making quite the splash in our living room this summer. Everyone is so intrigued by this Pottery Barn table that I got second-hand. I love going through the creative process to come up with things to put inside of it.

I considered making a 4th of July themed table for the month of June, but realized that would require too much effort, so I just stuck with a nautical theme. I figured that can at least get me through September before I need to change it out for the holidays. 

Most of the items in here are from Home Goods. A lot of the shells/sticks/balls were from a pack of potpourri that I just separated to look like individual items. The larger orbs are sold in 3-packs separately. The glass bottles are my favorite touch; I bought these from Pick Your Plum a while ago and have been hoarding them ever since. You know, just in case I needed to throw a nautical/pirate/fairy [dust] party. Because I do that so often.

A similar version of this coffee table is on sale at Pottery Barn right now. Only $599! HA. Yeah right. I paid $80 for mine. Make sure to check your local Craigslist or see if you can DIY it before paying the big bucks. 

Click to check out my Christmas & Valentine's Day day themed tables. So much fun!

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