Weekend Recap: Love & Summer

I hope you had a very relaxing three day weekend. We sure did. I worked on some craft projects on Saturday, worked in the yard and built a little garden on Sunday and did some more crafting on Monday. Most importantly, Dexter Season 7 showed up in the mail on Saturday so I stayed up all night watching that!

Day 25: I'll never forget...

May 25, 2013 Topic of the Day: 
Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget (good or bad)

This is an easy one. As soon as I read what the topic of the day was, I knew what I was going to write about. 

Three Things Thursday: My Favorite Movies

It's Thursday again, so that means I'm linking up with Carolina Fireflies and Pretty Living PDX for their Three Things Thursday link party. 
Today's topic is my top 3 favorite movies. 
Legally Blonde is by far my favorite movie. I can't think of anything that had more of an impact on my life than this movie did. That sounds pathetic, I know, but before this movie I was a total tomboy. I remember being on vacation in Lake Tahoe with my family and watching this movie at the Horizon Casino. I walked out of there as a whole different person. I was only 13 years old, but that was the last of the Big Dog shirts and Adidas soccer shorts. I became obsessed with the idea of having a miniature Chihuahua and the color pink. I am just as obsessed with it as I was back then. Everything I own is pink and my teacup Chihuahua's name is Fifi. I think I've also convinced my husband to name our daughter Elle or Reese {someday, if we have a girl}. 

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion came out when I was in elementary school. My sister and I had American Girl Dolls that we dressed up as Romy and Michele. Our mom took us to the craft store where we each got pink and blue shiny fabric and boas so that we could make clothes for them. Such an innocent time. After watching it at this age, I definitely don't think my 8 year old self caught onto the grown-up aspects of this movie!

I think Clueless is on every girl of my generation's top favorite movie list. I remember when this came out. My sister and I had the Cher, Dionne and Amber Barbie dolls. I wanted a white Jeep Wrangler so bad after watching this movie. I was 6 when this movie came out.
How weird is that? 

You know what I just realized as I was finding these movie poster pictures? Romy and Michele's High School Reunion was rated R and Clueless was rated PG-13. How in the world was I allowed to watch those movies at such a young age?! I promise I didn't have terrible parents. I'm actually shocked that we were allowed to watch them!

The Glass Ceiling

May 22, 2013 Topic of the Day:
Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel.
Ok ladies, today I’m going to talk about something that probably impacts all of us: the glass ceiling. If you don’t know what that means, it is defined as “the unseen, yet unbreakable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.” {source} Now, I’m a young little white girl from Northern California. I’m not going to pretend for a second that I know what it is like to be considered a minority. However, I do know what it is like to be a working woman.

I was catching up with an old friend at dinner the other night and we were having a discussion about how hard it is to be an educated, successful woman in the workplace. Not only does it affect us daily, but we shared stories about many of our girlfriends who experience the same thing. We came to the conclusion that we can’t wait for our generation to be in charge so that things will someday change.

Whether you get paid the same as your male co-workers or not {usually not}, there still is a level of respect that women need to earn in order to be accepted into this male-driven corporate world we live in. We shared stories of a man and woman doing the exact same job, but the man getting more compensation, credit and recognition, a woman having to prove herself for years through experience and further education just to have a less experienced and less educated man walk into the same position for higher pay. Or the girl who deals with rude comments from her male co-workers, but can’t say anything about sexual harassment to management because that will cause her to get in trouble.


All of the women in my examples are highly educated with bachelor’s degrees or higher from 4-year universities.  They don’t teach us this in school. They don’t warn you that there will be nights you go home crying because you feel like it isn’t worth it anymore. That there isn’t enough money in the world to keep you at a job where you are constantly feeling like you will never be good enough. Where you wish you were born a man or wish you could age yourself about 20 years so that people will take you seriously and come to terms with the fact that you are good, if not better, at your job then your male counterparts.

They don’t teach you any of this.

If you are in the same boat that most of us working women are in, then I don’t really have a solution for you. All I can tell you is to be the best you can be and do not let them beat you. Keep inspirational quotes at your desk to remind yourself that you are great. My favorite: “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” And just know that you aren’t alone. Slowly but surely, our society is moving forward.

 It can't won’t be this way forever.

Day 21: My favorite posts

May 21, 2013 Topic of the Day:
A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives.

This was the post that first gained my blog attention. John whipped this together while I was on a work trip and everyone fell in love with it. Over a year later, it continues to be the pin that brings the most traffic to my website and was the reason why I switched my blog from a simple little family blog to Measure Once, Cut Twice. I have since moved and re-did the look of it. Someday when my craft room is ready, I'll re-reveal my new desk!

I loved this project because John and I worked really hard on it together and used teamwork to get the vinyl applied perfectly. I had a boring black electric guitar that I decided needed to be jazzed up a bit. What's a better way than covering it in vinyl?!

I loved putting this little 'Stache Bash together. It was so fun trying to come up with ways to incorporate mustaches into the party. I'm kind of in love with the colors in the pictures as well.

This post just cracks me up. It reminds me of all of the stupid mistakes we made as new homeowners. What were we thinking painting our spare room this color? Who in their right minds guts an entire bathroom with no pre-planning? Check it out to see what other brilliant decisions we made...

This was another favorite project I worked on because it was the first wedding that someone hired me to decorate for. It was a sunflower themed wedding and I really wanted to make them something special to put at the greeting table. I had fun gathering the craft supplies that I had on-hand to create this canvas. 

P.S. Did you know that it's easy to look back into my archives? Check out the "Post Topics" right underneath my picture in the left sidebar. They are categorized by topic to make it easier for you!

DIY Washi Tape Letter

I am a washi tape hoarder. I purchase it, but never use it. I'm always so hesitant because I don't want to "waste" it. 
So today I finally found a legit reason to use it.

Ready for the easiest craft in the world?   

This is my washi tape stash. So bright and cheery!

This is an H that I bought from Michael's well over a year ago. I never knew what to do with it and I didn't want to waste it on something ugly. 

Enter... my washi tape collection. 
Just tape strips of different colors on, use an X-ACTO knife to clean up the rounded edges and you're done!

Told you it was easy. Happy Monday!

5/19 Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite kind of surprise?
One that I didn't know was coming. Wait, isn't that the definition of surprise? Well usually I know when a surprise should be taking place. Like my birthday, Christmas, etc. I love when John surprises me with presents that I didn't even know I wanted. Like two pink tool boxes for Valentine's Day? Greatest surprise ever considering we "agreed" not to get each other anything. 

2. Flowers or Chocolate?
I haven't gotten flowers in years. Why? Because after getting about 80 {exaggerating} bouquets within the first 6 months of us dating, I told John to stop wasting money on flowers. I told him to save up to buy me purses instead. And that he did. I have so many purses now, it's ridiculous. 
So, hence my theory that flowers are a waste of money... I'd rather have chocolate.

3. What is your favorite summertime activity?
Hmm. I'm not big into summer because I hate being hot. I also am not thrilled with the outdoors. I'm going to break out my beach cruiser this year and hopefully participate in some community events like the farmers market and movie nights downtown, so maybe one of those will become my new favorite summertime activity. 

4. Do you have any vacations planned this Summer?
We have a weekend planned in Lake Tahoe to see Rascal Flatts & The Band Perry. That doesn't really count as a real vacation though because we have a cabin there so we can go whenever we want. Other than that... no not really. As long as I get a few PTO days off work that's all I care about. 

5. Favorite Summer Holiday?
Our dating anniversary is on July 7th and our wedding anniversary is on July 1st. Boy, do I look forward to July. Our 10th dating anniversary {and 2nd wedding} is coming up and I am SO looking forward to that present. TEN years? Come on. I deserve something great for that!

6. Dream Vacation?
I'm really intrigued by the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. We were trying to go there on our honeymoon, but the rooms were all booked up. I would LOVE to visit someday. 

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Circus Party Ideas

I've mentioned before that we like to throw each other birthday parties at work. One of our employees went to Reno to celebrate his 30th birthday and mentioned that he was going to stay at Circus Circus. So naturally, that became the theme of his "party". And by party I mean that I made the three things in the image above. 

I made cupcakes and stuck little clown cupcake toppers in them. I found these toppers at Marshall's a while back, so they were perfect. I also had blue and yellow striped nut cups on hand in my nut cup stash {ya, that's a thing}. I grabbed some animal crackers from Target and filled them up.

I couldn't pass up the perfect opportunity to make him a "30 Blows" present. I got the container from the Target dollar section and put a block of styrofoam in it. Blow Pops come in packs at Target as well, so I just stuffed 30 of them into the styrofoam. I made the tag using drawing pens on my Silhouette and wrapped it around with red and white twine.  

Do you know anyone with a major birthday coming up? Try making them your own version of this!

Friday Favorites: Mason Jar Meals

Summer is right around the corner and mason jars are all the rage. At our house we've started incorporating mason jars into our dinner parties by serving lemonade and root beer floats in them. I'm seriously considering hosting a Memorial Day party {I should probably make that decision soon.} and really want to incorporate mason jars into the theme. 

For today's Friday Favorites, I've gathered a list of drinks, salads, main courses and desserts all packed into mason jars. These jars are cheap, reusable and, best of all, dishwasher safe! 

Three Things Thursday: My Favorite Quotes

It's Thursday again, so that means I'm linking up with Carolina Fireflies and Pretty Living PDX for their Three Things Thursday link party. 

Today's topic is 3 of my all time favorite quotes. 
I just posted my favorite quote the other day as part of my #blogeverydayinmay post, but there are tons of great quotes, so I'm totally on board with doing this again.

This is on the desktop of my computer at work. As I face my daily challenge of being a successful woman in a man's industry, I glance at this quote and remind myself that they are just intimidated. 
That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

This is the quote that is on the desktop of my laptop at home. It gives me inspiration to stay up late and work on this blog, to sign up for craft fairs, to someday open my own shop. 

This is a quote from my girl Carrie Underwood. I literally listen to this song over and over again driving home from work sometimes. It's off the Blown Away CD and is called "Nobody Ever Told You". I saw her and Hunter Hayes in concert twice on that tour, so I'm kind of obsessed. 

Happy Thursday everyone... we're almost there!

Day 15: A Day in the Life

May 15, 2013 Topic of the Day:
A Day in the life

Wake up on my 5th alarm and lay in bed reading and responding to any urgent work emails.
I should probably pretend that I wake up earlier than this in case anyone from my work sees this. However, I'm not going to since I am legitimately reading work emails from the second I wake up in the morning until the time I go to bed at night. 
This is when I make a purchase from Pick Your Plum if applicable that day. 
Then I rush to get ready so that I can attempt to be at work on time. 

Drive to work. My neighborhood is surrounded by a golf course and I'm always so impressed with people who are out being active so early in the morning. 
I just can't get over this view.

8:00am to 5:00pm 
{usually more like 8:30 to 6:00}
Work, work, work all day long. This is my office where it all goes down. I have about a million people coming to me for about two million things per day. It's really ridiculously stressful and I clench my teeth all night thinking about it. 
But it's pink, so that's fun, right? 

Dinner and TV time. We usually watch a TV show while we eat. I end up laying on the couch with the little dog in my lap soon after that. 

At some point I get my butt up and do the dishes. 
{John cooks, I clean.}
Then I end up either replacing the dog in the picture above with my laptop on the couch or go in my craft room to blog and work on projects. My craft room is literally 5 steps from the couch, so it's kind of like I'm spending time with John, minus the watching sports aspect of it. 

Bed time routine. Here's a sneak peek of my bathroom. It consists of huge ugly brown curtains that we have yet to change out, along with a gold shower door that I need to figure out how to spray paint. 

In my big heavenly bed. John usually falls right to sleep and I catch up on my social media from the day. 

And repeat.