Colorful Summer Garden Box Tutorial

I don't know about you, but I hate working outside. I hate being hot and dirty and I despise the bugs that I inevitably run into while gardening. We had a gardner at our old house, but now we've decided to become better homeowners and take care of our yard by ourselves. 

John is really into designing and building things and I'm really into him making things so that I can post them on my blog, so this project was perfect for us!

First we started with some 2x4's and cut six 12" pointed stakes.

Then we cut two 2x4's the width of our planter box and four to the size of the depth of our box. I forget what those lengths were, but it doesn't matter because yours will be however wide and deep your backyard will accommodate. Lay out your stakes evenly across the boards, then apply wood glue and screw them together. We created a 3 sided box to drop in the ground. 

We marked off the grass with some spray paint, dug a hole and laid down some mesh weed block. 

Make sure to get your mesh weed block down tight so nothing creeps through. Then cover it in mulch. We found some cool black mulch from Home Depot that really made the blue paint pop. 

Once the garden box was ready, we drilled holes in the bottom of three galvanized drink tubs from the Home Depot.  

Place the tubs in your garden box and pour in some gravel to help drainage. The potting soil gets poured in on top of everything. 

 We found some colored tomato cages at Home Depot and popped those babies into the tubs. They were perfect for bringing color into our new garden! 

I had these little chalkboards from Pick Your Plum and used a white chalkboard pen to write each different type of tomato plant on them. 

Here is a picture of the final product one more time. 
As usual, Modok is photobombing. 

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