Weekend Recap: Love & Summer

I hope you had a very relaxing three day weekend. We sure did. I worked on some craft projects on Saturday, worked in the yard and built a little garden on Sunday and did some more crafting on Monday. Most importantly, Dexter Season 7 showed up in the mail on Saturday so I stayed up all night watching that!

One of the things on my wish list when we were house hunting was to have space above our kitchen cabinets so that I could decorate. That and lights underneath the cabinets. Both of which I got. Boo-yah. So anyway, here is the beginning of my above-cabinet summer decorating.  I'm really into making wooden signs lately. I thought this would be the perfect quote to stick up there.

MY greatest, most satisfying project of the weekend was ripping out that large green plant next to the left arrow in the picture below. Boy do I hate those plants. I don't even know what they're called. I put up with them long enough at our old house, so I decided to just go at it the other day. #beastmode 


Our largest accomplishment of the weekend happened in our front yard. John built another garden box and painted it white this time. 


We laid down some red bark and planted bright flowers all around. I love how it makes the brick columns pop and everything becomes greener. 

We met some of our neighbors while we were out slaving away on Sunday. They informed us that our street has Fourth of July block parties and a progressive Christmas dinner. Seriously? Could I have moved onto a better street? It's like a 24 hour a day block party already {no kidding- at least 20 children running through everyone's front yards}, but this just made it so much better! 

So naturally, I need to start planning. 

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