4th Anniversary Beach Day

John planned a special day for our 4th anniversary this year. It started with gifts, totally spoiling me as usual. I knew I liked the idea of having a good camera, but I always convinced myself that it wasn't necessary because our iPhones were good enough. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's kind of like when I refused to give in to the concept of expensive jeans because I figured my cheap ones worked just the same. (That's totally false btw. Expensive jeans are totally worth it.)

3rd of July Sausage Fest

Our 3rd annual 3rd of July Sausage Fest was a success! Our town celebrates Independence Day on the 3rd of July, so we started a tradition 3 years ago of having friends over for sausages, games and fireworks.

Flamingos are my spirit animal.

I recently realized that my spirit animal is a flamingo. I don't know why I haven't settled on this sooner. They are bright pink and tall, just like me. Ever since I realized this, I have been absolutely obsessed with flamingos. Naturally, I built a Pinterest board and have been pinning away for days now. I have a feeling there will be a lot more flamingo-related posts to follow, but in the meantime, check out these awesome flamingo products that I came across. 

Tory Burch for Fitbit Review

I was the lucky recipient of all three of these items this Christmas. I got the rose gold necklace, gold bracelet and navy blue band. Talk about a surefire way to convince me to start working out! 


Ok, so this is seriously not that big of a deal at all, but in my head it's like huge. An Instagram pic I took was featured on Revolve's homepage a few weeks ago, which leads me to today's lesson: 

  • Maybe I should start working out more. (Cute outfits = good publicity) 
  • White backgrounds and good natural lighting pay off. (Taken on an iPhone 6+)
  • If you don't know what RevolveClothing.com is, go check it out. My sister is one of their buyers, which means my wish list is 100 items long at all times. 
  • You should follow me on Instagram. Apparently my pics are front page worthy. 

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Gold Gifts for Under $20.00

If I were to find myself in a rap battle, the only rhyme I'd know how to spit would be "Gold" by Macklemore. 
The whitest rapper there ever was.
The world's coated in the gold Krylon.

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide {Under $20}

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Monday Mantra

My girl Kate Spade is never wrong. This really is the life.

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#REALTALK Valentine's Day Cards

My husband and I thought it would be fun to create some Richards Family #Realtalk Valentine's Day cards for each other. This will be our 12th Valentine's Day together and these cards basically sum up our relationship. I know some of these expose the fact that we're actually really really boring people. It's true though, there's nothing I love more than Friday night, on the couch, watching crime dramas while eating pizza with my husband. Can you relate? 

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DIY Gold Animal Stir Sticks

Jungle Animals // Dinosaurs // Unicorns
Black and Clear Stir Sticks
Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Carefully screw a hole into the bottom of each animal.
Shove in the stir stick.

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Monday Mantra

So what if I just quoted Smash Mouth? #thinkaboutit

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Trending: Lucite Home Decor

Stapler | Tape Dispenser | Organizer | Tray | Easel | Folding Table

Do you love clear crap as much as I do? I'm obsessed with all things lucite/acrylic. I was in TJ Maxx and basically dropped everything and dove to the ground to dig out a lucite tray with gold handles yesterday. It's pathetic, really. 

I'm curious though, I wrote the following post about mirrored furniture almost exactly a year ago. Which do you prefer? I haven't chosen sides yet. I would basically do anything for home decor in any style at this point. 

Lucite or Mirrored? You could choose neither I guess too, but I can't believe anyone would be crazy enough to do that ;) 

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Personalized Engagement Gift Basket

Thanks to my hours [upon hours] of time spent on Pinterest, everyone thinks I'm really crafty and considers me the go-to person for gift ideas or DIY projects. I'm not claiming to be one-of-a-kind creative whatsoever, but I do fancy myself to be pretty darn resourceful.

Today I'm going to show you some tricks for making a custom wedding gift basket on the fly. In this case, I helped make this basket as an engagement gift, but same concepts applies to engagement parties, bachelorette parties or any other wedding-related function you're forced you get to attend.