#REALTALK Valentine's Day Cards

My husband and I thought it would be fun to create some Richards Family #Realtalk Valentine's Day cards for each other. This will be our 12th Valentine's Day together and these cards basically sum up our relationship. I know some of these expose the fact that we're actually really really boring people. It's true though, there's nothing I love more than Friday night, on the couch, watching crime dramas while eating pizza with my husband. Can you relate? 

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  1. I think these are great! I tried to find you on twitter to follow you and give you a shout out, but I didn't have any luck. Thanks for linking up with #BloglovinBlogHop this week!

    Co-Host Carrie

  2. LOL I'm a homebody too and there's nothing at all wrong with tha those cards are super cute. Enjoy your Valentine's Day.


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