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John's Super Secret Shortcake Recipe

So this is pretty much your basic back-of-the-box Bisquick shortcake recipe, but John made a few changes that make it even better. He also put a little 4th of July twist on them!

Carnival Themed Party Favors {for less than $1!)

Looking for a cheap carnival or circus themed thank you gift or party favor? I made two great discoveries this week: 

Washi Tape & Ribbon Organization

ALERT ALERT ALERT!!! Target sells Washi Tape! I saw on someone's blog the other day that Target started selling it, so I sent John to the store immediately. It can be found in the office supply section, not the craft section. Run! They are only $4 for a pack of 4!

DIY: Themed Dreamcatcher {Girly}

If any of you are friends with me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I recently became obsessed with dreamcatchers. I couldn't find a good tutorial about how to make them, let alone how to tie those cool knots on the inside. This tutorial shows how to simply make a dreamcatcher without having any knot-tying skills!

DIY: Unique Father's Day Card

Happy Father's Day everyone! We're having our dads and families over for a big BBQ and chili dinner today. It is going to be super hot so we'll probably crank the AC and only send John outside to do the BBQing :) 

DIY: Neon Washi Tape Cake Banner

The main point of this post is to tell the world about an amazing find I got at Target last weekend. Neon tape for only $6.99!! Check out the solid neon tape or bright printed tape online. You get so much, for so little. It's great!

My cousin and I decided we needed to jazz up these cakes for my Grandpa's birthday. With very limited supplies, we gathered up some BBQ skewers, twine, scissors, neon tape and a sharpie. Just fold the tape over the twine and cut them into whatever pattern you want. We wrote "Grandpa" on the main cake, then left the other flags blank. Pretty cute for an extremely last minute decoration, right?!

DIY: Summertime Birthday Banner

This past weekend was my Grandpa's 91st birthday. Since my Silhouette decided to start tearing everything, I was forced to make this whole banner by hand. Totally worth it though. 

I started by printing out the letters in Microsoft Word and cut them out with an X-ACTO knife. Then, I flipped the letters face down on the back of the scrapbook paper, traced them, then cut them out again by hand.

To make the rectangle pieces, I traced a picture frame and cut them out individually.

Since the banner looked pretty plain with just letters on paper, I decided to trace an embroidery hoop to make perfect circles out of brown wrapping paper. I attached the circles to the banner using a glue stick. The circles became really wrinkled, so I used my Silhouette tool to push out the wrinkles. You could use a credit card to do this as well. 

Finally, I just used a ruler to measure out where I wanted to punch the two holes at the top. Run some twine or ribbon through the holes and you're done! 

DIY: Pinwheel Candy Tins

1. Measure the length of your brown wrapping paper. I just traced the length of 4 tins side-by-side. 

2. Wrap the tin. I used roll-on adhesive to make sure it attached tight to the tin. 

3. Tape down the corners underneath the tin. Then, simply wrap the top of the tin in Washi Tape to cover up your un-even cut job. No one will even notice!

4. I chose to make pinwheels to decorate the front of them. Pinwheels are pretty basic, but here is the cut pattern to make sure you get it right. 

5. I used these colorful pearl brads to make the pinwheels and attached them to the tins with dot adhesives. 

6. Fill them with candy and you have cheap centerpieces for a birthday party!

Baseball Party: Table Decorations {Part 3}

My third and final attempt to decorate for this party was to make a whole bunch of glass jar decorations. John always makes fun of me because he says all I ever do is either wrap or fill mason jars. Whatever. So what if it's true? :)

These are the tools that I used for the small votive candle holders. Everything else is pretty self explanatory, so the main point of this picture is to show you the sunflower seeds I found at Dollar Tree and the small glass holders I used to put inside of the glass vases. I'm really scared of fire, so I was worried about the seeds getting too hot!

I used the same (50) and baseballs signs that I made in {Part 1}. Check out my banner here.

Baseball Party: Banner {Part 2}

What's a birthday party without a homemade banner?! Just like my sunflower seed centerpieces, this banner can also be used for Halloween. A Halloween themed birthday, perhaps?

Short story... my Silhouette blade has been dying a slow death for a while now. I hear that they have finally fixed the problem and that I can exchange it under warranty. {That's what caused my crafting hiatus for the past couple of months. It has been sooo frustrating!} When I began working on this banner, my Cameo decided to start tearing, instead of cutting. Considering I started this project only a few days before the party, I needed to get creative and decided to cut it old-school.

{1} I managed to cut the black and orange paper on the Silhouette using a downloaded banner design and the rounded square option.

{2} When you don't have an amazing machine to cut out letters, you've got to get creative. I started by printing out the letters in "Happy Birthday" using a bold font in Microsoft Word. Using an X-ACTO knife, I cut out each letter individually. Then, I put those letters face down on the back of my scrapbook paper and traced them on. Finally, I cut them out again with an X-ACTO knife. What.a.hassle.

{3} I mounted the letters on the banner using a glue stick.

{4} Don't make the same mistakes I do! I don't know what I was thinking, but I forgot about the number one rule of making homemade banners: put two holes at the top. If I were to just put a rope through the holes, all of the letters would face the wrong way {obviously}.

What I ended up doing, was making little loops using twine around each letter. Once you put the main piece of twine through the loops, all the letters end up facing the right way.

My goal for these baseball decorations was to make them look the least baseball-y as possible, while still fitting in with the theme. Does that make sense? What do you think?

Baseball Party: Sunflower Seed Bottles {Part 1}

I was recently asked to help decorate for a San Francisco Giants themed 50th birthday party. Since I haven't gotten to decorate for many birthday parties since my craft obsession began, I jumped on the opportunity and spent countless hours creating orange and black decorations. What I love about this theme is that I can totally re-use these items for Halloween! 

{1} I cut baseballs and (50) signs out using my Silhouette. Once they were all cut out, I simply used a glue stick to stick them together. 

{2} Once I finished them, it was time to figure out how I was going to use them!

{3} I've been hoarding these Calistoga sparkling water boxes and glass bottles for a while now. I had a couple of empty six packs in the garage that I realized would be perfect for this theme. I covered the entire box using black acrylic paint and let it dry. 

{4} Once the paint was dry, I wrapped an orange ribbon around the box and applied a small amount of E6000 glue with a toothpick to keep it on. I ended up applying the baseball and (50) pictures with Zots so that I can take them off and eventually replace them with Halloween images. {Won't these look cute with pumpkins on the outside and candy corn in the bottles?!}

{6} To decorate the bottles, I started by carefully tearing off the Calistoga label. If you do it right, it will leave adhesive on the bottle. From there, simply wrap a rectangle piece of patterned paper around the bottle and it will stick to the bottle itself. {Sorry, pictures 5 & 6 should be switched}

{5} Once you've wrapped the rectangle, there will probably be a bit hanging off, so I just used an X-ACTO knife and cut a straight line down the seam.

{7} Here is a picture showing the progression of the bottle. The last one shows a piece of twine wrapped around it for extra pizazz. I chose not to decorate these too much, because I didn't expect that anyone would actually eat them at this party.

{8} The final bottles. I purchased a bunch of sunflower seeds at the Dollar Tree and filled them to the top.

Stay tuned: More baseball decoration tutorials will be posted throughout the week!
Tip Junkie handmade projects

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Cheap Bathroom Makeover

{I'm reposting this from a post created in January 2011. This version has more detail on what we actually did.}

We went through a phase where we decided to take on large projects last minute and with no preparation or warning. This is the 2nd bathroom we remodeled and for some reason we didn't learn our lesson the first time; it is never as easy as it sounds!

Here are some before and after pictures:

In my opinion, taking out the huge mirror made the biggest difference in this bathroom. After taking the mirror down, we found multiple layers of wallpaper. After scraping that off, we textured the walls and added a pastel blue paint.

We replaced the large mirror with a white cabinet and a round vanity mirror from Lowes. We also also yanked out the medicine cabinet and replaced it with one that had a white frame and a cute knob. Finally, we switched out the light fixture for a more modern look. These four items were relatively inexpensive and made a world of difference in this bathroom!

On this side of the bathroom, I basically hung a shower curtain to cover the ugly shower doors. It's always a nice surprise for our guests who run into the doors unexpectedly! You can also see on the left that we removed the towel rods and replaced them with hooks to hang the towels on. You can't really tell, but we also put in 5" tall white baseboards.

The white ruffled shower curtain is from Bed, Bath & Beyond and the white ruffled towels and rug are from Target.

The reason I included the word "Cheap" in the title of this post is because it didn't require any major renovations. In our other bathroom, we randomly decided one day to pull the whole cabinet/sink/countertop out. It looked identical to this one and was quite a pain to replace!

After painting the walls and replacing fixtures with a more modern touch, the off-white countertop isn't such an eyesore anymore. Nautical theme is totally in right now, so I think I'm due for a trip to Target to accessorize the countertops :) 

P.S. Shout out to my Mom & Step-Dad who helped finish this project so I could surprise John  while he was out of town on a business trip!