DIY: Themed Dreamcatchers {Nautical}


As I mentioned in my Craft & Kabob Party post, after hours of kabob-ing, my friends and I headed out to my craft room {aka the garage} and made dreamcatchers. 

Most instructions can be found here on my original dreamcatcher post, but I'll mention the changes we made on this one... 

I was feeling extremely lazy when I designed the nautical themed dreamcatcher. After looking all over for inspiration, I figured out a way to avoid wrapping the entire thing in twine. Washi tape to the rescue! I lined the outside of the loop with Washi tape, then did it again on the inside so the whole thing was covered. I had this fun blue striped tape, which inspired the rest of the nautical theme. It also saved about 45 minutes worth of work!

For the decorations on this one, we used an old gold anchor bracelet, shells, pearls, clear rock-looking beads, ribons and chains. 

Click Here to see the original dreamcatcher that started it all!

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