DIY: Unique Father's Day Card

Happy Father's Day everyone! We're having our dads and families over for a big BBQ and chili dinner today. It is going to be super hot so we'll probably crank the AC and only send John outside to do the BBQing :) 

I was trying to think of something unique to make as a Father's Day decoration this year. After randomly piecing things together, this is what I came up with. Not only does it work as a decoration, but also as a "card" for them to take home! Good thing I'm kind of a craft supply hoarder and I had all of this laying around!

1. I happened to have pieces of styrofoam that fit PERFECTLY into a soup can. These came from a product at work, so you probably won't be so lucky, but you can easily cut something into shape.

2. I dyed the popsicle sticks a darker brown color to make them look more like a fence. To do this, I boiled some black tea and let them soak in a tupperware overnight.

3. They came out looking somewhat distressed and a little bit darker so it worked perfectly!

4. I don't know how, but this project was like the total opposite of my usual "Measure Once, Cut Twice" motto. In this case, I didn't make any measurements at all, but it worked out for me perfectly! I hot glued popsicle sticks around the styrofoam to create the "fence".

5. To create the appearance of grass, fold up and cut pieces of green crate paper and just set them inside your fence.

6. I already had the can laying around, but it is simply a soup can spray painted white with a piece of green scrapbook paper wrapped around it. Luckily John gave me a whole bunch of old shirts, so I just cut the sleeve cuff off of one and it fit perfectly around the can. No gluing necessary! You can always glue, cut or sew to make yours fit.

7. To make the flag, I created a triangle in the Silhouette software, filled it with an argyle pattern, then clicked the "mirror left" button. Then I highlighted both shapes and grouped them so that they would print as once piece. Finally, I added the "#1 Dad" font and used the "Print & Cut" feature to print it out.

Once I had the long diamond shaped flag, I ran it through my Xyron sticker maker and folded it in half over a lollipop stick.

Stick a golf tee and ball into the styrofoam and you're done!

Hope you all have a great day!

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