My Short Wish List

There are only three things in life I want (need) right now:

1. An iPhone 5 THE SECOND it comes out. I'm about to throw my Blackberry out the window of a fast moving vehicle.
2. Louis Vuitton Delightful Monogram GM purse. No real reason, I've just decided I really need this and my Birthday/Christmas are coming up soon :)

3. A Silhouette CAMEO. I saw some random person's blog the other day and found out what was. Let's just say, it's a box of magic that will really contribute to my goal of being more creative.

That's all :)

DIY Wedding Projects

During our year and a half long engagement, we were both in the process of getting Master's degrees and working over 50 hours a week... aka there wasn't very much time to devote to planning our wedding. LUCKILY we came across Mark West Lodge. They offer an all inclusive package where all of our vendors were picked out for us; all I had to do was fill out questionnaires and have a couple meetings! Between graduation and our wedding, I had approximately one month to spend on personalized touches to help make our wedding reflect our true personalities.

Here are a few projects I worked on (and obviously, I had an overall theme of, "as long as it's pink".)

1. "FaveRed" packs of starburst (100/pack @ Target)
2. Sheer organza favor bags (12/pack @ Sequoia Florist)
3. Charms (Different sayings are available at Michaels)

1. Fill each bag w/ 2 of each color Starburst (8 total)
2. Slip charm on one side of the ribbon on the bag
3. Tie ribbon in knot tightly

*I bought two large bowls from Target for display

Table Favors: Bubbles
1. Pink bubble sticks from Michaels
2. Various colors of thin ribbon
3. Scissors

1. Figure out how long you want to cut your ribbon, then cut as many strips as you need for your bubbles. Make sure you don't make too many of one color! Also, don't make your ribbon too long because you want it to stick straight up.
2. Tie each ribbon on the bubbles

*I bought 10 glass votive holders to place the bubbles in on each table.

Favors: Reception

- Wooden fans (18/pack @ Michaels)
- Thin satin ribbon, choose colors according to your theme
- Scissors

- Determine how long you want your ribbon and cut accordingly, one for each fan you have. (Tip: Cut diagonally)
- There is a little tiny bracket holding the fan together and it happens to have a little circle opening. Slip the ribbon through that hole, wrap ribbon around base of fan and tie in two knots.

*I bought two cheap white baskets and set them on a table near the outside reception area so that no one had to be in charge of passing them out.

Decorative Napkins
1. Packs of plain colored napkins
2. Equal number of decorative napkins ("I do" napkins from Michaels)

1. The reason I decided to do this was because A) I loved the "i do" napkins and B) They weren't pink
2. Sit in front of the TV for a really long time and stack each napkin back and forth until complete.
3. Distribute throughout the venue (bar, h'ordeuvres table, etc.)

*I have a ton extra of these if anyone wants them :)

Table Numbers
1. Similar looking frames for as many tables you have
2. Cute scrapbook paper (Michaels sells cute packs with similar themes)
3. Stencils or large sticky numbers (Office Depot)
4. Scissors
5. Lots of patience

1. If you can't find stencils and have to purchase sheets of stickers like I did, start by cutting out each number. Do not remove the sticker from the sheet!
2. I used a piece of glitter scrapbook paper for the numbers, which was really messy so I flipped it over and traced the number on the back (turn it backwards so it will be facing the right way when you flip it to the glitter side!).
3. Now sit there and cut out all the numbers again like you did for the stencils, but now on the glitter paper (this is where patience comes in).
4. Take your other sheets of scrapbook paper that you are using for the backgrounds and cut each one using the picture frame's glass as your stencil.
5. Place each number on the background scrapbook paper using a light piece of tape and stick in frame.

Tip: Make sure your numbers are the perfect size for your frames, not too big/small!

*I had 10 tables, but only made 9 table numbers. For the head table I went to Party City and bought mini gold frames and personalized them for each person.

Escort Cards
1. Styrofoam boards
2. Pink fabric (enough to cover boards)
3. Ribbon (enough to line the top of the boards)
4. Pins with really small heads to easily hide
5. Scissors
6. Blank escort cards
7. Sticky diamond studs

1. Print names and table assignments on each card, then tightly fold each in a tent or "/\" shape. If you aren't ready to print yet, make some mock ones in the same size using regular paper.
2. Lay out how many rows & columns you will need on the styrofoam boards.
3. Cut boards accordingly
4. Cover whole board with fabric and use pins to secure underneath. Tightly fasten and be careful with the corners!
5. I found this really thick ribbon, which was great because I only needed 3 rows of ribbon to cover each board. Also, had individual flowers stitched on it so it gave it some texture and added detail. Secure the ribbon onto the board using pins. The 3D flowers on my ribbon made it easy to hide the pins, but for thin ribbon you could also use double sided tape or glue (as long as it doesn't seep through).
6. If you want to get fancy, you can put sticky diamonds on your escort cards to give them some added bling.

Tip: Make sure your cards are in alphabetical order before you drop them off at the venue!

Reception Programs
1. Pre-designed packs of invitations/reply cards from Michaels
2. Printer

1. I used a pack of invitations as my reception programs because it was held outside and I used the pocket as a weight to keep them from blowing away.
2. Just use the template provided and print whatever you want to say on it.

*Unfortunately I had to waste a lot of supplies with this project. I had no use for all the envelopes, which ended up being like half the cost of these pricey little packs from Michaels. To avoid wasting the RSVP card, I had people write messages and put the cards in a scrap book for us with their photo booth pictures.

Cute as a Button

My sister has been working for for a while now as an Assistant Buyer. She gets to experience some pretty cool things and is learning a ton about the industry. She was given the opportunity to have a "Featured Trend" on their homepage this week!

This is a picture of the homepage. You may not be able to see it well, but it's the one that says "Button" on it.
And here is a close up of what you see when you go to the Editors' Picks section under "Women". Pretty cool!

Everyone should go look at her picks and make purchases through her boutique! Be jealous that I get wholesale pricing on anything at Revolve :)

Bridal Shower

On June 4th I had the most amazing bridal shower ever, thanks in large part to my mother dearest and BFFAE, Michelle LaBlue (below).

We had a little over 20 girls gather at John's Aunt's amazing house up in the foothills, which was perfect for the ridiculous rain in early June.

We played really fun games and ate really good food. It was amazing and a great way to start out the wedding festivities!!