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DIY: I Love You Because...

Hi everyone! I worked on an amazing project this weekend, but I can't show it to you yet because I'm lucky enough to participate in something incredible with One Tough Mother. Stay tuned for an announcement about that!

So anyway, I whipped up this little sign today. I have seen a lot of these on Pinterest and always wanted to make one myself. {I originally wrote "because you bought me a Louie!", but decided I shouldn't be so materialistic...ha.}

This sign is made using wrapping paper from Michael's and a frame that I got back when Borders was still in business. I just printed out the silver part on my silhouette and used "cutie pop" font for the vinyl. 

Here is its temporary spot in our guest room: 

Also, look at this little gem I found in the closet today! I forgot John's mom bought this for him like 6 years ago. I have the battery charging right now and I'm really excited to start playing with it! It only has 8 megapixels though... can you believe that was top of the line back then? My phone has that now!

P.S. I came across a picture of my dog Modok last night and randomly decided to google search "Cutest Dog Contest". So, please click on his picture on my right sidebar and vote for him!

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DIY: V-Day Love Blocks

Is it just me, or does the Target dollar section suck you in for at least  15 minutes every time you walk through their doors? That happened to me the other day and somehow I ended up spending like $30 on crap from those 2 little aisles! I called it my inspiration for future projects. 

So, today I'm going to show you how to make this: 

Out of this:

My goal for this project was to pretty much re-create the same block words that I purchased for a dollar, but jazz it up a bit. Also, it was my first experience with felt, spray adhesive and sanding paper so it was good practice for me!

This is what it looked like to start. The first block had 3D letters on it, so I yanked them off with a flat head screw driver.

I started making these blocks during the time that I was experimenting with chalk paint, so I painted one side of each block with pink chalk paint. My original thought was that each side of the block would be a different texture, but then I bought a book of Martha Stewart scrapbook paper and really wanted to use that! In the end, I had one side with chalkboard paint, one with felt, and the rest with paper. 

I just sprayed the adhesive onto the blocks (not on the paper or else it will soak through!) and attached the squares. To make them blend together, I used an X-ACTO knife to get off the extra pieces and sanded the edges so it all blended together. 

Here they are before: 

and after: 

I decorated our dining room table with them next to our engagement picture.

DIY: Vinyl on Canvas Art I can't believe I pulled this one off! A close friend to me wrote this personal mantra and has it written all over the place as daily self affirmation. I just loved this so much, that I decided to make a sign!

Here are the tools you'll need:

How to: 

{All instructions go from left to right}

1. Paint a canvas with the color you want to have stand out the most. {I'll just refer to that as gold in this tutorial}
2. Here is an example of the vinyl I printed.
3. I cut out the words that I wanted to be bolded in gold. They all happened to come off in one piece, but you don't necessarily have to cut it like that. Just make sure you cut the least amount of pieces possible because you want them to fit back together like a puzzle.
4. Tape (do not stick the vinyl on!) on the words that you want in gold.

5. Once your bolded words are taped on, paint all around it in your second color. The goal here is to make sure your bolded words stay gold while the rest of the words are blue. As you can see, I got sloppy and painted over the stencil, but it really doesn't matter. I was just trying to be thorough ;)

6. Here is what it looks like when you take off the stencil.

7. Put the bold words back into the main stencil like a puzzle (see #3), then put your transfer paper on the vinyl like you would normally. Apply the vinyl onto the canvas, but be careful to make sure your bold words fit right into the gold spots.

8. {Ahhhhhh!!! EEEKKKK!!!} Ok... now paint it black (or whatever your solid color is). Scary, huh?!

9. Here is what it looks like when it is all dry. This is where I almost gave up because I was totally scared to death and had no idea how to get the vinyl off after I put a million coats of black over it! I used my vinyl hook from Silhouette and went at it.  Be careful not to put the hook through the canvas, you don't want any holes after all that work!

 Here is a close-up of what it looks like! I love how the canvas texture shows through the paint.

DIY: Crafting with Comics {Part 2}

My new way to get John to craft with me is to give him a bottle of Modge Podge, a foam brush & a box of 100 paper comic books we bought off of eBay. 

Here is his drawing supply box {before}: 

And here it is covered in cut outs of comics {after}:

Then, he decided he needed some pen/pencil cups for his desk {before}:

He is really into those mechanical pencils. Like, obsessed. {after}:

As seen in {Part 1} of this blog, he has these drawing boards that he wanted to cover as well. It is really busy in this picture, but if you look close you'll see the large and small drawing boards. 

Now he is hooked and looking for everything he can in our house to Modge Podge!!

DIY: Decorative V-Day Mason Jars

I've been working on lots of Valentine's Day projects this month. Mostly because I'm obsessed with the color pink!

Here is my Valentine's project of the day:

I started with an idea I saw on Pinterest {of course}. I bought a box of 12 mason jars a while back from Walmart and used this acrylic paint from Michael's. 

For the second jar, I used this mini vase I had left over from my V-Day candy buffet. This paint is from Michael's as well, but it didn't spread nearly as well.  

To paint the jars, I just poured paint inside and moved the jar around until it was all covered. 

As I said, the pink paint brand didn't work as well, so I had to use my finger to spread it a bit. My intention was not to make this a finger painting project, but oh well! {My ring finger looks like Skeletor here, I swear it's just the angle!}

I got these shapes from the Silhouette store and cut them with vinyl.

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My first {successful} Silhouette vinyl project

I just thought I'd share my first vinyl project! I got my Silhouette back in October, but didn't get any vinyl until Christmas. Turns out that until today, I had been using my Silhouette with my blade in backwards {duh!}, so it's like a whole new machine now!

We recently switched from liquid to powder detergent, so I took advantage of that and made some cute decor for the top of our dryer. I just put dryer sheets into a pink flower pot and printed some vinyl from the Silhouette store to stick on the container. 

Happy Monday everyone!

DIY: Crafting Desk

Can I just say that I literally have the best husband in this entire world? I had to go out of town for work last week and 4 days later, I came home to this: 
Here is what my craft area looked like before. Nothing special, by any means. Especially because it was right in front of the water heater.
John bought a couple styles of these storage cubes by Martha Stewart from Home Depot. Don't you love how he even knew to take pictures of everything so that I could blog about it?!
For the top of the table, he got some particle board that we had left over from a shelving unit at work. 
He painted the particle board with a perfect color called "Sleeping Beauty" by Behr Paints. Then "accidentally" spilled glitter all over the table so now it is sparkly pink! 
He built the shelving units into the U-shape desk using three 3x3 shelves and one 2x3. 
He went above and beyond by painting the back pieces of the shelves to make the pink pop against the white. 
He even drilled a hole in the top of it so my Silhouette, laptop, glue gun & screw driver could sit on the desk and not have cords showing.
 If you haven't noticed, I was incredibly happy with the final product. I still can't believe the detail he put into it in a matter of three days. Here are some more views of it: 
Oh yeah, and he called this my "President's Day" present. 

Update: I'm amazed at the response I got on this post. Of course, my husband takes all of the credit, but either way, thank you for visiting!