DIY: Chalkboard Paint

This is an amazing discovery that has opened up a whole realm of possibilities! You can find the original recipe here. Martha Stewart uses latex paint, but I used acrylic paint because I saw on this blog that it was possible. 

Tools required: 
- Acrylic Paint
- Non-Sanded Grout
- Foam brushes
- Container for mixing
- Measuring spoons/cups
- Chalk

Most of the tools are pretty standard, but here is the large bottle of acrylic paint I got at Michael's and the non-sanded grout I found at Ace Hardware. 

Using the recipe I linked to above, this is what the paint originally looked like after mixing the grout into the paint. 

A couple of stirs later, it begins to look like this. {clearly these are pictures for two different paints} 

I started by making a rectangle {the size of a shipping label} on a mason jar out of masking tape. I forgot to take a before picture, but pretend there is a big hole between the 4 pieces of tape. Then, I painted 4 coats on until it was visibly thick. It was kind of hard to paint on glass at first, so that's why I did a lot of layers.

Once the paint was totally dry, I carefully peeled off the tape. Then I wrote on it... and messed up. So then I tried erasing it (after visiting 3 stores to find a chalkboard eraser) and it didn't go so well. This is what it looked like after I erased and tried re-writing over it for the second time. 

Ug. So then I went back to the paint I had left and added more grout. Then I re-taped my jar around the exact spot I painted last time and painted 3 more layers. 

Now on to decorating the jar... I simply wrapped a ribbon around the neck of the mason jar. I secured each layer with Zots. 

Add a button... and here it is! I am using it to store all my buttons on my craft table. 

I used the black paint to create a mini chalkboard using this sample piece of hardwood flooring we had left over from replacing our floors. 

Paint it like I stated above...

... and now you have a mini chalk board!

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  1. Wow I love this! I think I am going to have to give it a try! Found your link on The Creative Spark. :)



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