DIY: Vinyl on Canvas Art I can't believe I pulled this one off! A close friend to me wrote this personal mantra and has it written all over the place as daily self affirmation. I just loved this so much, that I decided to make a sign!

Here are the tools you'll need:

How to: 

{All instructions go from left to right}

1. Paint a canvas with the color you want to have stand out the most. {I'll just refer to that as gold in this tutorial}
2. Here is an example of the vinyl I printed.
3. I cut out the words that I wanted to be bolded in gold. They all happened to come off in one piece, but you don't necessarily have to cut it like that. Just make sure you cut the least amount of pieces possible because you want them to fit back together like a puzzle.
4. Tape (do not stick the vinyl on!) on the words that you want in gold.

5. Once your bolded words are taped on, paint all around it in your second color. The goal here is to make sure your bolded words stay gold while the rest of the words are blue. As you can see, I got sloppy and painted over the stencil, but it really doesn't matter. I was just trying to be thorough ;)

6. Here is what it looks like when you take off the stencil.

7. Put the bold words back into the main stencil like a puzzle (see #3), then put your transfer paper on the vinyl like you would normally. Apply the vinyl onto the canvas, but be careful to make sure your bold words fit right into the gold spots.

8. {Ahhhhhh!!! EEEKKKK!!!} Ok... now paint it black (or whatever your solid color is). Scary, huh?!

9. Here is what it looks like when it is all dry. This is where I almost gave up because I was totally scared to death and had no idea how to get the vinyl off after I put a million coats of black over it! I used my vinyl hook from Silhouette and went at it.  Be careful not to put the hook through the canvas, you don't want any holes after all that work!

 Here is a close-up of what it looks like! I love how the canvas texture shows through the paint.


  1. This is brilliant, I try to think these thoughts every day but never thought to make a sign, great idea :)

  2. Thanks for sharing... I followed you back:)

  3. This is great,thanks for linking up to creative Mondays :)

  4. That is super cute! We all need to be reminded of this! Pinning it.

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