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Do you love clear crap as much as I do? I'm obsessed with all things lucite/acrylic. I was in TJ Maxx and basically dropped everything and dove to the ground to dig out a lucite tray with gold handles yesterday. It's pathetic, really. 

I'm curious though, I wrote the following post about mirrored furniture almost exactly a year ago. Which do you prefer? I haven't chosen sides yet. I would basically do anything for home decor in any style at this point. 

Lucite or Mirrored? You could choose neither I guess too, but I can't believe anyone would be crazy enough to do that ;) 

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Personalized Engagement Gift Basket

Thanks to my hours [upon hours] of time spent on Pinterest, everyone thinks I'm really crafty and considers me the go-to person for gift ideas or DIY projects. I'm not claiming to be one-of-a-kind creative whatsoever, but I do fancy myself to be pretty darn resourceful.

Today I'm going to show you some tricks for making a custom wedding gift basket on the fly. In this case, I helped make this basket as an engagement gift, but same concepts applies to engagement parties, bachelorette parties or any other wedding-related function you're forced you get to attend.

Monday Mantra


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Pink Polka Dot Luncheon

Do you ever have the urge to set up a fancy luncheon for no reason? No? Is that weird? Ok well I do. And it turned out marvelously.

Placemats: Home Goods | Plates: Target | Coasters: Kate Spade | Glitter bowls & Napkins: TJ Maxx 

Gold Animal Stir Sticks: DIY post to follow
Napkin Ring: Wooden rings that used to be red. A few squirts from the spray paint and now they are oh so fabulous. 

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Indoor Succulent Garden

One of my New Year's resolutions was to plant succulents and keep them alive. I know that's not a very difficult task for most people, but trust me when I say that's a big deal to me. My friend got me some sort of fern for my bridal shower, one that she convinced me couldn't die no matter how hard I tried, or, rather, didn't try. Yeah, that sucker was a goner in a month. Only because that's how long it lasted after the initial watering. 

Monday Mantra

"Other women who are killing it should motivate you, thrill you, challenge you and inspire you, rather than threaten you."

my girl, Taylor Swift

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DIY Jewelry Board

Do you ever have the urge to craft, but have no idea what to do? Well that was me one night when I decided to grab my favorite paint bottles and start painting a canvas. I'm no artist, by any means, so naturally, I just drew some streaks across the canvas. 

The day I lost my Louis Vuitton.

Story time: 

John and I were at Target the other day, killing time and spending money [as usual]. I, of course, fell in love with this white resin reindeer and just had to have it. Our city banned plastic bags, which means the clerks try cramming all of your items into one $.10 brown bag. The handles usually break off those bags, which meant there was no way my newest treasure would end up in one. With John pushing the cart, I carefully carried my new reindeer out to the car. 

I was so concerned about strapping my reindeer in tightly, that I wasn't really paying much attention to anything else. 
Fast forward 20 minutes. 

It's still early, but we were starving and ran out of things to do, so we drove across town to our favorite restaurant. I jump out of the car, reach for my purse.... "Uhhhhh.... John? Where's my purse?"


John bought me my dream purse three years ago for Christmas. And by my dream purse, I mean most every girl's dream purse. A gigantic Louis Vuitton that I call "Big Louie". I cried when he gave it to me. I didn't even cry when he proposed or when we got married. It's literally my most prized possession. Ok that and my wedding rings. 

HE LEFT IT IN THE CART AT TARGET. While I was coddling my new 12" resin reindeer, John was putting groceries away and then walked the cart to it's spot and just left my purse sitting right on top. 

So at this point, the second John realized what he did, before I knew it the keys were in the ignition and he was already pulling away from the restaurant. He didn't speak. He was physically shaking. I immediately got on the phone with Target and asked if a purse had been turned in. 

And the moral of this story... there are good people in this world. Thank God. 

Fifteen minutes later I had my purse safely in my arms, not a thing missing. H O L Y C R A P. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? This stresses me out re-telling this story. Talk about #FirstWorldProblems.

So from that day on, "Little Louie" has been part of our family. I can't tell you how many times John has asked me "do you have your purse?" when in public. Like literally every five minutes. 

So thank you, stranger. I definitely paid it forward.

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Monday Mantra

Happy Monday everyone! 
May this week be super productive. And remember...

"You can do anything, but not everything."

David Allen

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DIY Glitter Viles

How fun are these? I spent New Year's Eve in my craft room concocting glitter potions while listening to Serial. It was surprisingly relaxing, actually. I always enjoy crafting with no specific project in mind, it gets my creative juices flowing and inspires me to get back into the blogging groove. 

House Update: New Flooring

So this happened!! We finally pulled the trigger and got laminate floors installed on the bottom back half of our house. Our walls are light blue/grey with white stripes, and our furniture is all grey and white. Naturally, I wanted to update the floors to bring the whole room together. With the help of my trusty dog, Modok, who was there to pee all over everything and ruin the carpet in the living room, I was able to convince my husband to agree to tear out perfectly good dining room/kitchen vinyl flooring along with the carpets and install laminate throughout. 

Behind the Scenes

I've been really into posting crisp, white pictures on Instagram lately. For example, this picture above. A perfectly wrapped present with a clear ornament filled with pink sequins inside, tied with bakers twine to the top of the box. Great lighting, clean background, perfect Insta pic. 

Snap back to reality [oh, there goes gravity]

Here's what it really looks like: Me in my pajamas on the floor of my craft room. Big Mo climbing all over me and Fifi trying to squeeze her way in. Yes, the perfectly wrapped present does exist and has been under my tree for a month. The background though? It's a piece of poster board from the Dollar Store. My camera? My iPhone 5S with the help of my favorite editing app, PicTapGo. Guess how many versions of this same picture I have in my photo album. About 50. Different angles, different lighting. None of it important whatsoever. I'll call it "art," but really it's because I had two weeks off work and nothing better to do with my life. 

Shhh... Secrets make friends.

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Glimpse into Christmas

Considering I'm still catching up on my DVR'd Christmas episodes of everything, I figured it's not too late to post some scenes from inside of our house during Christmas 2014. 

2015 Word of the Year: SHINE

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."

This is the year that everything around me is going to shine. Some really exciting things are happening at work, which means life is about to get busier & more brighter than ever. 

I am going to radiate positive energy in everything I do. 
Walks with my husband at night to see the stars shine
Forcing people to take breaks at work to see the sun shine
Supporting everyone around me to watch them shine
Here's to all of us letting our light shine a bit brighter in 2015.

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