DIY Glitter Viles

How fun are these? I spent New Year's Eve in my craft room concocting glitter potions while listening to Serial. It was surprisingly relaxing, actually. I always enjoy crafting with no specific project in mind, it gets my creative juices flowing and inspires me to get back into the blogging groove. 

Luckily I went on a year long buying spree at Pick Your Plum, so I had all of these items on hand. You can throw literally whatever you want in the viles, but here is a list of what is in mine: sequins, glitter, rhinestones, confetti, beads & pearls. I'm not quite sure what to do with them now. Party favors? Valentines? Leprechaun dust? The possibilities are endless :)

If you don't know what Pick Your Plum is, do yourself a favor and click on the image below. Actually... if you enjoy having money in your bank account, maybe you shouldn't.

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