Personalized Engagement Gift Basket

Thanks to my hours [upon hours] of time spent on Pinterest, everyone thinks I'm really crafty and considers me the go-to person for gift ideas or DIY projects. I'm not claiming to be one-of-a-kind creative whatsoever, but I do fancy myself to be pretty darn resourceful.

Today I'm going to show you some tricks for making a custom wedding gift basket on the fly. In this case, I helped make this basket as an engagement gift, but same concepts applies to engagement parties, bachelorette parties or any other wedding-related function you're forced you get to attend.

1. Visit your closest craft store. 
  • Find a basket that isn't too big, but will fit a good amount of items. Remember, the bigger the basket, the more you'll need to spend filling it up. 
  • Grab some tissue paper or any sort of basket filler. You'll need a good amount to prop up the items and add height to each layer. 
  • If you don't have any already, find some wired edge ribbon for the bow. If you suck at making bows like I do, stop reading this and click here to buy yourself a Bowdabra right now. 
  • Find a picture frame at said craft store. Any size will work, but 8x10" is preferable. 
  • Hopefully you will also be able to get a wine/champaign/beer glass at this store. If not, I know you'll be able to find mason jars. Good enough. Or if you're not lazy, go to the Dollar Tree or Target. Buy two!
  • If available, buy an oil-based Sharpie pen [if you don't own a die-cut machine]. Otherwise normal Sharpies will work too.
  • Check to see if they have dry-erase markers. If they don't, hopefully your next stop will. 
2. Stop at the grocery store on your way home. Here's what you'll need: 
  • Candy that the Bride and Groom can enjoy together
  • Champaign or a bottle of wine (or if you're like me... Martinelli's)
  • Bridal magazines
  • Dry erase marker if you haven't gotten one already. 
  • A card. DON'T FORGET THE CARD. I feel like everyone forgets the card. 
Ok, so now you've spent the money and acquired the goods. Time to make some magic. 

1. Mr. & Mrs. glasses
  • If you have a Silhouette or Cricuit, go whip out some vinyl images like you see above. Make sure to use permanent vinyl. I like Oracle 651 because it's totally washable and will never peel off. Which is great assuming you don't screw up while putting it on. 
  • You can always use a Sharpie to draw directly onto the cup. If you aren't good at writing/drawing, then print out an image of what you want it to look like, tape it to the inside of the glass and trace the image. Tricky tricky. 
    • To seal the Sharpie, put it on a cookie sheet in the oven, then turn oven to 350 degrees, bake for 20 minutes, then turn off. Leave the cups sitting in there for about 15 minutes to cool. Remember, extreme temperature changes are not good.
    • For both of these techniques, advise the couple to hand wash only.

2. Printable
  • I created this printable on Microsoft Word in less than 5 minutes. Mine is pretty basic, so you can get all fancy if you want, but literally just use cute fonts, insert a shape [circle] for the countdown and push print. 
  • Print it out & cut it to size based on whatever frame you bought. 
  • Stick it in behind the glass. 
  • Include a dry-erase marker in the gift basket so they can write on the glass and wipe off with a paper towel.

Assemble your basket by consciously layering your items so that everything is visible. Use the filler or tissue paper to prop things up and bring height to each item. Tie a bow onto the basket & voila! 

Depending on traffic and product availability, this gift basket really shouldn't take very long. No matter how much time or effort you spend on it, the new couple will love it because of the personal touches. 

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  1. There are really great gift ideas for women. I am supposed to find something for my mother for mother's day but I might have to get something for myself too. Thanks so much for sharing.

    anniversary gift

  2. how is the font called you used for the frame "days until we say "i do" ??


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