House Update: New Flooring

So this happened!! We finally pulled the trigger and got laminate floors installed on the bottom back half of our house. Our walls are light blue/grey with white stripes, and our furniture is all grey and white. Naturally, I wanted to update the floors to bring the whole room together. With the help of my trusty dog, Modok, who was there to pee all over everything and ruin the carpet in the living room, I was able to convince my husband to agree to tear out perfectly good dining room/kitchen vinyl flooring along with the carpets and install laminate throughout. 

The poor Floor Store installers sure had their work cut out for them. The vinyl flooring took an extra two days to uninstall because of how hard it was to peel it up. Very labor intensive, but also unfortunate for us because it meant we had to deal with this mess for longer.

This was the state of our house for a week. Our kitchen, dining room, family room and my craft room all boxed up and shoved into our living room. Ugh. What a mess. 

No joke, I literally clean our house every single night. I call it "getting an FS." FS stands for Fresh Start. Imagine how I felt dealing with this for a week. 

Totes worth it though. Once it was complete, we were able to put everything back where it belonged and rearranged my craft room much better than it started. I'll share pics of my favorite room in the house soon. 

So now that we have grey floors, my cabinets look orange. How does the story go? If you give a mouse a cookie...

White cabinets coming soon :) 

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