Glimpse into Christmas

Considering I'm still catching up on my DVR'd Christmas episodes of everything, I figured it's not too late to post some scenes from inside of our house during Christmas 2014. 

Let's start with a picture of us. I'm wearing a J. Crew sweater that John's dad picked out and purchased for me. What a fashionista he is! 
First present I got on Christmas morning was the matching footstool to my pink velvet World Market chair. I'm so obsessed it's not even funny. 

Vintage Christmas light bulbs from John's grandparents. I'm obsessed with these. I pour them into the jar and put them on display during the holidays. It might actually be one of my favorite decorations. 

Here's Modok saving Christmas. As I took apart the Christmas tree, he kept sitting on everything in protest. Really I think he just wanted attention though. Classic Mo. 

Christmas sugar cookies- prepackaged dough, not decorated by me. Mine looked horrendous. 

Jew cookies, #obvi.

Glimpses from our family room. I went with a winter wonderland theme in this room. 

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and have an even happier New Year!

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