Behind the Scenes

I've been really into posting crisp, white pictures on Instagram lately. For example, this picture above. A perfectly wrapped present with a clear ornament filled with pink sequins inside, tied with bakers twine to the top of the box. Great lighting, clean background, perfect Insta pic. 

Snap back to reality [oh, there goes gravity]

Here's what it really looks like: Me in my pajamas on the floor of my craft room. Big Mo climbing all over me and Fifi trying to squeeze her way in. Yes, the perfectly wrapped present does exist and has been under my tree for a month. The background though? It's a piece of poster board from the Dollar Store. My camera? My iPhone 5S with the help of my favorite editing app, PicTapGo. Guess how many versions of this same picture I have in my photo album. About 50. Different angles, different lighting. None of it important whatsoever. I'll call it "art," but really it's because I had two weeks off work and nothing better to do with my life. 

Shhh... Secrets make friends.

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