The day I lost my Louis Vuitton.

Story time: 

John and I were at Target the other day, killing time and spending money [as usual]. I, of course, fell in love with this white resin reindeer and just had to have it. Our city banned plastic bags, which means the clerks try cramming all of your items into one $.10 brown bag. The handles usually break off those bags, which meant there was no way my newest treasure would end up in one. With John pushing the cart, I carefully carried my new reindeer out to the car. 

I was so concerned about strapping my reindeer in tightly, that I wasn't really paying much attention to anything else. 
Fast forward 20 minutes. 

It's still early, but we were starving and ran out of things to do, so we drove across town to our favorite restaurant. I jump out of the car, reach for my purse.... "Uhhhhh.... John? Where's my purse?"


John bought me my dream purse three years ago for Christmas. And by my dream purse, I mean most every girl's dream purse. A gigantic Louis Vuitton that I call "Big Louie". I cried when he gave it to me. I didn't even cry when he proposed or when we got married. It's literally my most prized possession. Ok that and my wedding rings. 

HE LEFT IT IN THE CART AT TARGET. While I was coddling my new 12" resin reindeer, John was putting groceries away and then walked the cart to it's spot and just left my purse sitting right on top. 

So at this point, the second John realized what he did, before I knew it the keys were in the ignition and he was already pulling away from the restaurant. He didn't speak. He was physically shaking. I immediately got on the phone with Target and asked if a purse had been turned in. 

And the moral of this story... there are good people in this world. Thank God. 

Fifteen minutes later I had my purse safely in my arms, not a thing missing. H O L Y C R A P. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? This stresses me out re-telling this story. Talk about #FirstWorldProblems.

So from that day on, "Little Louie" has been part of our family. I can't tell you how many times John has asked me "do you have your purse?" when in public. Like literally every five minutes. 

So thank you, stranger. I definitely paid it forward.

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