Engagement Pics

Sneak Peek...

Wedding Dresses

A couple of weeks ago my sister flew up from Long Beach and her, my mom and I went wedding dress shopping (I know, I know, wayyy too last minute).

Here were my top 3 choices. I said "YES" to one of these dresses...

And here were my top 3 bridesmaid choices...

Which 2 dresses do you think I chose??

New car!

Last Saturday morning, John told me that he'd be willing to go to the Honda dealership with me. I've been hinting (or just flat out begging) that I wanted a new car for the past couple of months now, so obviously I was in absolute shock when John initiated this adventure.

After hours of them trying to convince me to lease ugly colored, lower model CRVs, I decided that I wasn't going to drive off the lot with a new car that day (best decision ever). So I went home and started looking at all other dealerships in the area... GREAT NEWS!!! John's Uncle Greg's dealership had my dream car (White CRV EX-L w/ white handles and chrome over the license plate & nobody was going to change my mind) so we called him first thing the next morning and bought it!

I'm so in love with it. I've officially purchased 5 cars since my 16th birthday. I have this problem where I always want bigger and better, but I think this one will last a while (or at least until my future future children grow up and require me to get a larger vehicle).

Moral of the story, everybody go buy your cars from Greg Martin at Platinum Chevy in Santa Rosa!!

Here are my matching cars. I made the new owner stop next to it before he drove away so I could take one last pic!

Honda Civic Pros: Hybrid
Honda CRV Pros: Bun Warmers :)