DIY: I Love You Because...

Hi everyone! I worked on an amazing project this weekend, but I can't show it to you yet because I'm lucky enough to participate in something incredible with One Tough Mother. Stay tuned for an announcement about that!

So anyway, I whipped up this little sign today. I have seen a lot of these on Pinterest and always wanted to make one myself. {I originally wrote "because you bought me a Louie!", but decided I shouldn't be so materialistic...ha.}

This sign is made using wrapping paper from Michael's and a frame that I got back when Borders was still in business. I just printed out the silver part on my silhouette and used "cutie pop" font for the vinyl. 

Here is its temporary spot in our guest room: 

Also, look at this little gem I found in the closet today! I forgot John's mom bought this for him like 6 years ago. I have the battery charging right now and I'm really excited to start playing with it! It only has 8 megapixels though... can you believe that was top of the line back then? My phone has that now!

P.S. I came across a picture of my dog Modok last night and randomly decided to google search "Cutest Dog Contest". So, please click on his picture on my right sidebar and vote for him!

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  1. I love that frame and I am sure it brightens up every day. I am a new Pinterest follower visiting from The Girl Creative. Vicky from Mess For Less

  2. I think I just found my hubby's Valentine's Day gift! Very cute!

  3. Turned out so cute! I love the pink frame.

  4. Such a great idea!!

    You forgot you had a camera? hehehe Too funny!

    Check out my blog too :)

  5. That is some Gem to find in the closet! I am now following your cute blog! I have a cooking blog and I would love for you to stop by! Have a great week and thank you for co-hosting the link party! Many blessings, Audra


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