DIY: Repurposed Oatmeal Box

It's a known fact that my new crafting hobby has turned me into kind of a hoarder. Example: My BFF finishes her oatmeal and instead of throwing it away, she saved me the box. I was really excited because I had lots of ideas for crafting with Oatmeal containers, but the standard Quaker boxes are kind of large. This one is perfect because it is mini-sized.

Step 1: Eat lots of oatmeal.

 Step 2: I was wondering Michael's the other day with no specific project in mind {I tend to do that too often} and found myself in the yarn aisle. I really liked the colors of this yarn because the pink/brown/green/tan matches the decor of our house.

Step 3: Apply your Zots. Do you know what Zots are? If not, Google it, I promise it's worth your time. Make sure you secure the beginning of the yarn tightly. It may require a couple Zots all in a row. Once you start wrapping the yarn around the container, it kind of keeps itself in place from there. I applied Zots randomly for extra support. 

Step 4: Turn on an hour long TV show and wrap, wrap, wrap.... and wrap. This takes a surprisingly long time.  

Step 5: When it's all done, line about an inch worth of Zots to the bottom of the box to keep the end of the string in place.

Fill with flowers and set out for everyone to ohh and ahh over. 

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