DIY: Valentine's Day Wreath

I've seen themed wreaths pop up on blogs & Pinterest a million times, so naturally I wanted to try one myself. My goal is to create a new wreath for every holiday, so I chose to skip MLK day and went right for V-day!

{I'm writing this blog at 11pm on a Sunday night and I have to leave at 6:30 tomorrow to fly to Arizona for the week... so this is going to be quick!)

Materials: Straw wreath, yarn, scissors, 2 pieces of different colored felt, hot glue gun, buttons, ribbon, different colored scrapbook paper, pins, paper and a Sharpie.

1. I bought a straw wreath from Michael's and didn't take the plastic wrap off it. This is the perfect way to get a nice, plump yarn wreath.

2. I used two different types of yarn on this. It was too difficult to put both balls of yarn through every time, so I pulled about 5 yards off at a time. I tried to keep it tidy while it came off the ball to avoid knots.

3. Wrap the wreath until you run out of yarn. Then, do it again. As you can see, that nice little pile of yarn I had didn't last long. That's ok though, for some reason my yarn didn't get stuck in knots (no matter how tangled it got. Weird?)

Here is a step-by-step on how I tied the strings together. The top two pictures show when you are at the end of your pile or yarn and the second two pictures show how to tie a new piece of yarn to the existing. 

And here is the final product once it's all wrapped! As with most of my yarn-wrapping projects, this takes forever. So sit down and watch a movie when you're doing this. {I chose "Bad Teacher"... I don't really recommend it.}

So now you have to decorate your wreath!

1. Make a heart stencil by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing half a heart on the fold side. 

2. Then cut it out and you have your perfect heart. 

3. Take a Sharpie and trace the heart on felt. I traced more than necessary, I only needed 3 of each color. 

Now, to turn your hearts into flower petals, put a little dot of glue towards the bottom of the heart and fold together. {Do you love my zebra print & pink hot glue gun??}

I attached each petal to the wreath using tiny pins. The center picture shows how I stuffed the pins into the creases so you can't see them. Then, I hot glued the outside of each petal to the one next to it so they would all attach into a pretty flower. 

Once the petals were all glued together, I just mashed a whole bunch of hot glue in the center and stuck a button on to cover the ugly part. 

To make the banner, I cut out a whole bunch of hearts using Martha Stewart scrapbook paper, then just taped them onto a piece of ribbon. I attached a button to the back of every 3rd or 4th heart to weigh it down so the pretty side of the hearts ended up facing the way I wanted them to. 

I tied a fat ribbon to the top of it as a hanger... and here is the final product again!


  1. I like it, nice work. - Mike

  2. I love how easy your tutorials are! Sweet! I found you through the blog hop and I am your new follower. I would love for you to follow me back...

  3. Hi! I found you on Mingle with Us Blog Hop and am now following your blog! Love this wreath! Looking forward to more great projects!

  4. Love this! Great colors, fun and festive decorations! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays; hope you'll come back tomorrow with more great projects!


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