DIY: Mason Jar Decor

If you couldn't already tell, I'm really into wrapping string/yarn around things. I have all this extra yarn left over from my brief stint as a crocheter, so I'm trying to find other things to do with it.

Tools required:
- Zots
- Mason Jar [or any circular container]
- Yarn
- Buttons

I'm sure this is pretty self-explanatory, but I started out by placing Zots all around the container {specifically with one right around the neck of it to start}. I never have any order to how I place the Zots because it doesn't really matter except at the top and bottom. Carefully wrap the first and last 4-5 rows around the tapered part of the jar. This can be kind of a hassle because the yarn will want to push itself up/down {you'll see}. Just use lots of Zots around the base to keep it from unwinding at the bottom.

The grey yarn was wrapped perfectly, but then I went kind of wild (intentionally) with the pink. I really liked that it was a different thickness/texture, so I wanted to make it stand out. I started by wrapping the pink yarn around the jar in 3 different spots. I just tied the ends together to keep them on. 

Here is a view from the back:

 Once the first layer of pink was on, I decided it was too plain and needed some buttons.

Q: What's the worst thing you can do to yourself on a Saturday night?
A: Stuff thick pieces of yarn into itty bitty button holes using nothing but your spit and a tooth pick.

Eventually that did work though. Each button is on it's own piece of string, which is why the back has so many knots on it. I figured no one will see the back though, so make as many knots as you need!

And the finished product... my new paint brush holder for my craft desk!


  1. Very cute and a great tutorial. I never would have thought of zots for it. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! Have a great week!

  2. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I'm new to the world of crafting & have an amazing amount of problems with glue. I had never heard of Zots until I saw this & it changed my crafting life! Plus my mason jars look great!


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