DIY: Crafting with Comics {Part 2}

My new way to get John to craft with me is to give him a bottle of Modge Podge, a foam brush & a box of 100 paper comic books we bought off of eBay. 

Here is his drawing supply box {before}: 

And here it is covered in cut outs of comics {after}:

Then, he decided he needed some pen/pencil cups for his desk {before}:

He is really into those mechanical pencils. Like, obsessed. {after}:

As seen in {Part 1} of this blog, he has these drawing boards that he wanted to cover as well. It is really busy in this picture, but if you look close you'll see the large and small drawing boards. 

Now he is hooked and looking for everything he can in our house to Modge Podge!!

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