Goodbye Christmas

What's the worst part about Christmas? Taking down all of the decorations. Most people my age don't have this issue yet, but can I just say that Christmas lights are the most ANNOYING thing ever!  I let John off the hook for the last two years that we've had our house. Mainly because the first year I didn't trust our roof, but the second year we got a new roof and it still just sounded like such a hassle. Three Christmases in, John surprised me and I came home from work one day to a beautifully lit house. 

Well, today it was time to say goodbye to Christmas. The reason I'm writing this blog is because we ran into an issue of storing 10+ strands of icicle lights. I'm hoping we came up with a really creative decision that we won't regret 340ish days from now. 

We had a ton of these cardboard inserts at work, so we grabbed a few and started cutting slits into them. At first I was only going to put one strand on each piece of cardboard...

 ... but then I realized we could probably safely fit two per piece. So start by cutting 4 slits into a flat piece of cardboard.

Then take the first strand and wrap it around the lower set of slits to make a bottom layer. Do it again on the top. Hopefully you can connect the plugs together to lock them into place.

Get a long storage bin and lay down the pieces of cardboard carefully. Put extra effort into trying not to tangle them, you won't regret it next year!

Then, I laid down a solid piece of cardboard between each set of lights to ensure nothing gets tangled. 

Here is John making his way to the very top of the roof.

Wayyy up there.

Look, I'm helping too!

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