Valentine's Day Candy Buffet

I've been busy starting a lot of crafts this week, but just not finishing any. I posted a picture of this almost exactly a year ago {see it here}, but thought I'd repost it with a little how-to explanation. 

It's a rather simple process actually. First, I went to Walmart and got a whole bunch of different sized/shaped vases. Then, I searched their candy aisle for anything pink or red themed. I wanted to use these vases for other purposes after V-Day, so I just used double sided tape to stick the ribbons on. I chose to use different ribbons to jazz it up. Then, I just gathered different V-Day decor that I already had and displayed it all together on the mantel. Easy!

Tip: If this is strictly for decoration, don't wash out the jars before pouring candy in. That way you won't want to eat it because, in my opinion, that would be thoroughly disgusting. 

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  1. That is adorable! And thanks for the tip. I would be scarfing that candy down otherwise!


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