DIY: Crafting with Comics {Part 1}

While I was working on my Valentine's Day crafts all weekend, my husband discovered Modge Podge. He's been wanting to do something with his old comic books, so he decided this would be the perfect place to start. 

Please note: If there are two things that describe John and I, it's the color pink and comic books. Luckily he's not like an obsessive total loser nerd, but instead a very well educated comic book historian (is that a thing?). He wrote his Master's thesis about how comic books shaped youth culture, so he's been really into this subject for about 5 or 6 years now. Hence, half of our house is pink and the other half is superhero themed. 

Here is his plain old drawing board he uses while he draws in front of the TV...

... and here it is covered in Modge Podge & old comics!

P.S. Make sure you spend hours researching your comic book collection on eBay before destroying them with scissors & Modge Podge. Those suckers might be worth a lot of money!

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