Washi Tape & Ribbon Organization

ALERT ALERT ALERT!!! Target sells Washi Tape! I saw on someone's blog the other day that Target started selling it, so I sent John to the store immediately. It can be found in the office supply section, not the craft section. Run! They are only $4 for a pack of 4!

I used to hang my ribbon on a towel rack that I mounted to the wall, but it got messy and hard to add more to. With my recent discovery/obsession with Washi Tape, I decided I needed to find a good way to store all of these rolls.

For the top layer, I tied a piece of ribbon into a very long loop and duplicated for the other side. My crafting space is in my garage, so I tied the loop around the top of the garage door opener (obviously we never open the door!). I set a 20" piece of all-thread rod into the loops and let it hang from there. That way I can easily lift and add/remove rolls. To create the second layer I just made smaller loops and set the rods inside to hang. I pinned each roll of ribbon to keep the ends from dangling. This makes it so much easier when you want to spin one type of ribbon off the rod, because everything doesn't spin off with it!

P.S. I also got the neon tape from Target. All of it for $6.99!

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