DIY: Neon Washi Tape Cake Banner

The main point of this post is to tell the world about an amazing find I got at Target last weekend. Neon tape for only $6.99!! Check out the solid neon tape or bright printed tape online. You get so much, for so little. It's great!

My cousin and I decided we needed to jazz up these cakes for my Grandpa's birthday. With very limited supplies, we gathered up some BBQ skewers, twine, scissors, neon tape and a sharpie. Just fold the tape over the twine and cut them into whatever pattern you want. We wrote "Grandpa" on the main cake, then left the other flags blank. Pretty cute for an extremely last minute decoration, right?!

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  1. Love it, can't wait to go to Target to find the neon tape! Had fun crafting with you!


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