Cheap Bathroom Makeover

{I'm reposting this from a post created in January 2011. This version has more detail on what we actually did.}

We went through a phase where we decided to take on large projects last minute and with no preparation or warning. This is the 2nd bathroom we remodeled and for some reason we didn't learn our lesson the first time; it is never as easy as it sounds!

Here are some before and after pictures:

In my opinion, taking out the huge mirror made the biggest difference in this bathroom. After taking the mirror down, we found multiple layers of wallpaper. After scraping that off, we textured the walls and added a pastel blue paint.

We replaced the large mirror with a white cabinet and a round vanity mirror from Lowes. We also also yanked out the medicine cabinet and replaced it with one that had a white frame and a cute knob. Finally, we switched out the light fixture for a more modern look. These four items were relatively inexpensive and made a world of difference in this bathroom!

On this side of the bathroom, I basically hung a shower curtain to cover the ugly shower doors. It's always a nice surprise for our guests who run into the doors unexpectedly! You can also see on the left that we removed the towel rods and replaced them with hooks to hang the towels on. You can't really tell, but we also put in 5" tall white baseboards.

The white ruffled shower curtain is from Bed, Bath & Beyond and the white ruffled towels and rug are from Target.

The reason I included the word "Cheap" in the title of this post is because it didn't require any major renovations. In our other bathroom, we randomly decided one day to pull the whole cabinet/sink/countertop out. It looked identical to this one and was quite a pain to replace!

After painting the walls and replacing fixtures with a more modern touch, the off-white countertop isn't such an eyesore anymore. Nautical theme is totally in right now, so I think I'm due for a trip to Target to accessorize the countertops :) 

P.S. Shout out to my Mom & Step-Dad who helped finish this project so I could surprise John  while he was out of town on a business trip!


  1. You proved small changes can make Big Improvements! Looks great!

  2. I love how you hid the ugly shower doors, I am going to use that idea for my bathroom!

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