Our First Wedding Anniversary ♥

{You better get comfortable, this is a long one...}
This weekend we celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Wow, that year sure flew by! Though July 1st marks our first wedding anniversary, we celebrate NINE years of being together on July 7th. NINE YEARS. Who knew that at age 14 I would begin dating my future husband?! I'm so proud to say that there has never been a doubt in my mind through all of these years. We never took a "break" or got in any fights that lasted for more than a day {nobody's perfect!}. Amazing.

Now, on to the good stuff. If anybody knows me well enough, they know that I take advantage of every opportunity available to get presents. Who wouldn't :) {Check out what I got for President's Day this year!} The rest of this blog post sounds like one big sales pitch, but I promise I'm not getting paid to say any of this. I just want to tell you about how awesome these products are!

As per usual, John did a great job without me even having to ask for anything. I got home from work on Friday afternoon and found these two beauties sitting on my craft desk!

Wacom Bamboo Tablet                    LG Monitor

The best part is that the Bamboo Tablet comes with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10Corel Painter Essentials, AND Autodesk Sketchbook Express. Buying all of those products separately would cost a ton!
Wacom also has different colored stylus available so you can accessorize your tablet.  The Bamboo stylus not only works on the tablet, but you can also use it on your iPad or iPhone! Someday when I learn how to sew, I'm going to make a carrying case for my new gadgets!

You may be wondering what I got him in return {probably not, but I'll tell you anyway}. He has been saying for the past couple of weeks now that he wanted portable speakers so that he can play music at his softball practices. I was totally excited when I discovered the Bose SoundLink Wireless Speaker. It's re-chargeable and can wirelessly hook to his iPad, iPhone and our TV. Perf!

So that was all well and good. I thought I found a great present this year and was really proud of myself. He opened it and was very pleased, but we soon decided maybe it was a little more than he was looking for. Though this speaker is meant to be taken on-the-go, we realized he would never leave this sitting in the dugout at a softball field. Duh, I should have thought of that! If we were looking for a new surround sound system for our house, this would have been perfect, but since we weren't in the market for that, we decided to return the speaker.

{Hilary-2, John-0} That leaves me with two awesome presents and nothing for him. Luckily he just got back into playing the guitar, so he has quite a large wish list right now. We jumped online and picked out this sweet Hagstrom Acoustic-Electric Guitar. I love it because the black matches the Les Paul he already has. All I really care about are aesthetics and how they will look displayed in my house! He also got this tweed case for it. I love how classy and preppy this case is!
Most importantly, I love that case because it is unique like the one he bought for his Les Paul last week. I am OBSESSED with this pink & brown case! Not many guys would be willing to carry this around. I'm so happy I married a guy who genuinely likes the color pink!

We get to eat the top of our wedding cake together tonight. It's about time, that thing has been sitting in our freezer for way too long! This picture shows the most I ever tasted of our wedding cake last year, so I'm looking forward to trying it!

P.S. For our romantic first anniversary activity this weekend, John let me re-do my craft area in the garage. So romantic, but I can't complain! I'll post more pictures later of the outcome. 


  1. What a nice 1st anniversary activity...he must LOVE you! :)


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