DIY: Coupon Book {Household Chores Edition}

I have a confession. I think I'm a terrible wife. John literally does all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and pretty much everything else that it takes to run a household. In return, I compliment his cooking...and make cute crafts? 

So for our first anniversary, I decided to make him a coupon book. Most wife to husband coupon books include romantic dinners and massages, but I knew this would be a lot more valuable to him. 

I made this all using my Silhouette Studio Software. I used the print and cut feature by designing each page, then printed them out using my regular printer after selecting the "Show Reg Marks" box. I didn't go through the effort of putting it back through the Silhouette though because it was just a basic rectangle. I used some cute brads from Pick Your Plum to attach the pages and it was done!

Moral of the story... he said this was better than the guitar I bought him. 

P.S. I used the word "force" because that is what he will have to do to get me to do all of these chores 8 times each in the next year. 

Don't have a Silhouette? You can still download the Silhouette Studio Software and then visit Measure Once, Cut Twice {The Shop} to have your images printed!

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