Vinyl Inspiration: Electric Guitar

I recently got some new blades for my Silhouette. Boy, what a huge difference that makes! It turns out that I've been limping along with defective blades for the past 9 months. It was pure torture having all of my projects rip and tear, rather than nicely cut images like everyone else's does.

Anyway, so now that I have good blades, I'm a dye-cutting fiend. I'm obsessed with vinyl, so my whole house will soon be covered with it.

{Don't have a Silhouette or Cricut? No problem. Go over to my shop and purchase custom cut vinyl for less than $.04 per square inch!}

I give my husband full credit for thinking of this AMAZING idea.... covering an electric guitar with multi-colored vinyl chevrons!

After cutting the strings off and completely wiping down the surface, I started by cutting out different sized chevrons using white paper on the Silhouette. This helped me determine the height and thickness of the shapes. Then, I measured the length that I needed each one to be and created the images in Silhouette Studio. I filled in the shapes with the color of my vinyl so that I could see how the final product was going to look.

Once that's done, I cut and pasted each color chevron onto its own page. This allowed me to stick each color in the Silhouette, push print and then move on. 

Once I had all my vinyl printed out, I carefully applied each piece by hand to make sure that I got the correct spacing down.

And there you have it. My awesome new vinyl covered guitar. {Final step that I still need to do... re-string it.}


  1. That guitar is way cool, what a fun idea! Thanks so much for sharing this at The Fun In Functional!

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