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Update: 7/31
The results from are in and the winner is...
Thank you to everyone who viewed this post & shared it with their friends! Even though this giveaway is over, you should still watch this hilarious video.

Attention! Attention! If you are in college and HATE spending tons of money on textbooks, this post is for you!

Even if you aren't a college student and have absolutely no interest in this topic, PLEASE watch this video. It is so freaking hilarious, I am LOLing right now! Watch the whole 6.5 minutes. It seriously gets funnier and funnier! OMG. So funny!! Those are some hot mamas!

Ok, so anyway. I am here today to tell you about Between getting my Bachelor's and an MBA, I spent 5 years in college. You may be thinking, only five years? Yeah, that means I took summer school classes and winter intercession classes for 4 straight years. Non-stop! That meant I was buying textbooks off the hook.

Towards the end of my undergrad degree, I discovered the concept of renting text books. You may be thinking... "Yeah, but they probably only have old versions" or "I like highlighting in my books, so that won't work for me."

If you rent your textbook through you will get all of these wonderful perks:

- 40-90% off bookstore prices
- Free shipping both ways
- Flexible renting periods
- For every book you rent, they will donate to Operation Smile

Here is an example:

This is a snapshot from my college's bookstore and this is a class I actually took. You think you're getting such a great deal for $80.65, right? Wrong!

You can get this same book for only $42.64 on! is offering one of my lovely readers a $50 credit towards their next textbook rental. All you have to do to enter is go "like" my Facebook page here and then comment on this post to tell me you've done so! I will be randomly selecting the winner on July 31st, so spread the word!

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