DIY: Create Your Own Cork Board

Do you have an extra picture frame, cardboard & fabric laying around? Ok, now go run to Target and grab yourself a roll of cork {only $1.50 for a 12" x 24" roll!}. Also, grab some spray adhesive if you don't already have some. 

To make the cork board, I started by tracing the glass from the frame with an X-ACTO knife. Then, I started to build the board's thickness by spraying adhesive onto the frame and gluing a piece of cork to it. My original intention was to only do two layers of cork, but that still wasn't thick enough for standard sized pins. To avoid wasting a third layer of cork, I traced the glass onto a piece of cardboard and then sprayed the first layer of cork with adhesive to attach the cardboard to it. Finally, spray the cardboard and cover it in another layer of cork. The fourth picture shows the layers I used {glass, cork, cardboard, cork}.

I covered the top layer of cork with some adhesive backed fabric paper {found in the scrapbook paper section at Michaels}. Another option is to spray adhesive on the top layer of cork and cover it in fabric.

The whiteboard was created using a Martha Stewart whiteboard label stuck onto a piece of cardstock. Then I taped a piece of ribbon to the back of the frame and ran it across the front. I used tiny clothespins to hold up the whiteboard label.

I love this because you can change the whiteboard to say what you want depending on what's on the board. {Ex: "To Do List", "Menu", "Happy Holidays".}

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  1. Yours looks so cute - not sure mine would look quite so good tbh!!

    Great post though :)

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