Tutorial: How to make cute picture frames using iPhone apps

Have you seen these layouts pop up all over Instagram and wondered how in the world they do it?? If so, here is a tutorial on how to use iPhone apps to make cute pictures like this one.

First, you have to download {& pay for} two apps. I know, I know. Pay for an iPhone app?! Usually my number one rule is to never pay for an app because you can probably get it for free from someone else. Well this is too cool not to spend a whopping $2.00 on... so just do it.

App #1: BubbleFrame
App# 2: PicFrame

In order to get my pictures to look like the one above, not only do I need those cool patterns & circles {bubbles}, but I also need the ability to add labels and fonts.

Step 1: Open BubbleFrame and create your layout. This is where you will upload your photos, patterns, borders & other details. Make sure you look at all of your options. You get a lot of cool stuff for $.99!

Once you're happy and ready to move on to adding fonts and labels, click "Share" and save it to your Photos.

Step 2: Open up PicFrame. Choose the single frame, then hold your finger on the screen until your Photos folder appears. Upload the picture you just made in BubbleFrame.

Add your labels and fonts. Play around to create your own, or use their preset labels. You can always customize the preset labels as well. To edit individual text boxes, make sure you've pushed "Done" to get out of the previous box, then hold your finger where you want to edit. This is how you go back to change colors, fonts, size and location.

Once you're totally happy with the outcome, click on "Share" then "Save". I always save to my Photos so that I can use it for other things later {ex: Facebook upload, blog pictures, Pinterest, scrapbooking}

Step 3: Now go show it off! Upload it to your social media sites like you would any other picture.


  1. Hillary, it's great! You're amazing!

  2. LOVE! I am def. getting Bubble Frame. I already use PicFrame. It's the best. Thank you for sharing this greatness! :) I will create something and tag you on Instagram!

    ♥ Stephany

    1. & your new layout looks terrific. I love all these fun colors. :)

    2. Hey Stephany! Thank you, I look forward to seeing your new Instagram pics!!

      I noticed my ad is posted on your blog now... make sure you go to my "Sponsors" page and sign up for the large ad so that I can return the favor! Promo Code: M1C2

      xoxo Hilary


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