Spice Rack Turned Craft Supply Organizer

Do you have a whole bunch of teeny tiny craft supplies laying around your craft room, but no one place to store it all? 

I found this gem at the Goodwill a while back:

Using my Silhouette dye-cut machine, I was able to completely recreate this into a craft supply organizer. Each label is made with whiteboard paper so that I can change the labels when I change out the supplies. 

Start by using a dye-cut machine to cut out the circles that attach to the tops of the spice container lids. The second set of pictures shows how I created these 3 piece shapes.

To create the labels on the sides of the containers, cut out small rectangles of adhesive whiteboard paper. Then, cut out scalloped rectangles using different colors of adhesive paper and stick the whiteboard rectangles onto them.

Attach each piece of paper to your spice containers and you're done!

And here it is on the shelf in my craft room!

Don't have a Silhouette or dye-cut machine? I can help!


  1. Such lovely organization!


  2. Super cute idea!!! I pinned it to my sewing board on pintrest.


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