Tory Burch for Fitbit Review

I was the lucky recipient of all three of these items this Christmas. I got the rose gold necklace, gold bracelet and navy blue band. Talk about a surefire way to convince me to start working out! 


  • Pro: 
    • I love love love the rose gold color. My favorite outfit to wear it with is a maroon colored v-neck, white blazer, skinny jeans & brown booties. There's something about that outfit that makes the necklace pop. (Side note. I wore that outfit while conducting interviews at work, and no joke, one of the guys we were interviewing could not take his eyes off of it. Awkward, considering the location of where it falls {mid chest}, but I swear he was literally memorized by it.) This necklace has a great length and sturdy chain too. 
  • Con: 
    • The trap door is so difficult to get open! I have to stick something into it to pry it open. Usually that long object is a pencil, tweezers, key or anything else I can find (I'd break a nail if I used my finger). This has unfortunately resulted in a few scratches on the back. It's also pretty pricey at $175, but at this point it's a game of supply and demand, so until more brands partner with Fitbit, I guess I can't blame them. 
  • Pro: 
    • Talk about a statement piece! Its profile is a lot higher than I was expecting, which is fine for me, but if someone is into a more discreet look, this probably isn't the right piece. Overall, I'm totally in love with it. I love me some gold bracelets, so this multi-functional piece is perfect for me. 
  • Con: 
    • I do think this is overpriced at $195. After I wore it about 4 times, the trap door on the back came loose and now falls right open, which means I had to stop wearing it because I didn't want to lose the $100 Fitbit Flex chip inside of it. To Tory Burch's credit, I called their very helpful customer service line and get to exchange it for a new one at no cost. I hope this is just a fluke! 
Overall, I personally LOVE these two pieces of jewelry. However, I do recognize that I'm a total brand whore and that without the Tory Burch logo on it, I'd consider these to be a huge waste of money. On days that the bracelet or necklace don't match my outfit, I tend to avoid wearing the standard rubber bracelet because, to me, it looks a little too manly. I love that Fitbit and Tory Burch teamed up to make a chic option for classy women.

Has anyone experienced the same issues I've had with the trap doors? What do you think about the pieces in general? Do you they ink they're worth the cost? Or would you rather just wear the rubber bracelet?

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  1. Wow, I had no idea there were such glamorous accessories available for fitbit!


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