Laundry Room Sign Tutorial

Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a great Mother's Day yesterday. We hosted dinner for nine including John's Mom and Grandma. I haven't shared this yet, but we made a dining room table for our new house and tonight was the first time we completely filled all of the seats. It was a tight squeeze, but we confirmed that ten people would easily be able to fit around our table! I sort of live for hosting dinner parties, so I'm super excited about this.
{My Facebook page has a sneak peek picture of the table in the cover photo.}

So today I'm sharing some crafts that I made directly based off of some ideas I saw on Pinterest. Not too original, but I tried to put my own spin on these fairly simple ideas.
The original "Seeking Sole Mates" idea can be found here. However, instead of using wire and canvas, I glued clothespins to wood. 

This project was really really easyI used acrylic paint, which dries super fast so this project took me like 30 mins to do. The hardest part was cutting the vinyl {which isn't hard at all}. Start by painting your board {or canvas} completely with the color that you want your letters. Then apply vinyl letters and cover everything with the color that you want most of the board to be. Wait for the top coat to dry and then peel off your vinyl. 

Since I did two layers on wood, I was able to sand down the top coat of white to expose the yellow I had painted underneath. The clothespins are just glued along the bottom of the sign to hang my socks on. Not shown- I used a picture hanger to hang this on the wall.

Here is the final project again. Such a great addition to our laundry room {closet}!

Original idea can be found here

While I was at it, I decided we needed a trash can in the closet for lint, dryer sheets, garbage, etc. I had this paint bucket that I bought from the Home Depot a while ago and just threw some vinyl on there. 

The fact that I got these two projects done this weekend means I'm almost ready to do my laundry closet reveal!

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