DIY Framed Chalkboard

I made an amazing discovery while walking down the lumber aisle at Home Depot the other day. Sheets of 2' x 4' black chalk board!  We were there for a completely different reason, but I couldn't leave without it. I'm in the process of decorating my new craft room, so the idea for this instantly came to mind. I ran to the crown moulding section and grabbed some pieces to frame it with. I'm really excited to start practicing my chalkboard art. #heyrhonna


- Black Chalk Board {Home Depot}
- MDF Fluted Casing {Home Depot} {I'm going to pretend these are called base boards}
- Corner Block Moulding {Home Depot}
- Wood Glue
- Saw
- Pencil
- Tape Measure
- Picture Hanger

Step #1: Measure & Cut

I started by putting the corner blocks on the chalkboard and measuring edge to edge so that I could get the exact measurements for the base boards. 

Your cuts should look like this when you are done. 

Step #2: Paint

I used my old standby paint and put a fresh coat of white on the boards and blocks. 

Step #3: Glue and Dry 

Once the paint was all dry, I glued the baseboards and blocks directly to the chalkboard with Gorilla wood glue. They created a perfect frame around the board. I used clamps to keep the boards in their place until everything dried. 

Step #4: Hang

I just used two standard picture hangers to hang the board. Make sure to use a level {correctly}, otherwise it will never be even! 
Story of my life: Measure Once, Cut Twice. Seriously


Here is a little sneak peek of my craft desk rearranged. Oh, and since I still have absolutely no chalk art skills, I just put a cute little bunting up there until I learn. 

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