Solution for an efficient grocery list.

Have you used Google Drive before? I did on school projects, but never for practical real life situations. Serious ones... like sharing a grocery list with your spouse.  

I don't know about you, but we have a whiteboard on the side of our fridge and add to the list as we think of items we need. It sure is a real bummer when we are already out and about, ready to attack the grocery store, but don't have our list on hand. Sometimes we keep notes in our separate phones, but that never works out either since we can't see each other's lists. 

We recently discovered a solution that made our lives SO much easier!

Google Drive... the iPhone app. It's so easy! Just push the little "+" in the upper right corner to begin a new document. 

My husband created and shared three separate documents with me. These are lists of items that we need to purchase, so when one person is at a specific store, they'll know what to pick up. 

Once the document is created, just click on it in your app and you'll be able to start making edits. Those edits will instantly show up on the other person's phone.

I usually walk into certain stores thinking 
"What did I need here again?
Not anymore!
P.S. We also found that this is a great way to remind each other to use a coupon!

All opinions stated here are my own. I am not being sponsored by Google, I just really like this product!

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