Tutorial: Making Pillows Out of Napkins

This might be common sense to most people, but it's kind of a big deal to me. It has taken me about a year to complete this project. I picked these napkins up at Target last year. I have been dying to turn them into pillows, but considering I didn't know how to sew and didn't have the right colored couch to put them on, I just never got around to it. 

I finally did it and today I'm going to show you how...

1. Start by grabbing napkins that are two sided. Meaning, the manufacturer sewed two pieces of fabric together and called it a napkin. 

2. Gather some stuffing for the inside. I had some old pillows laying around so I just ripped those babies apart. 

3. Cut about a 6" wide seam {or smaller} in your napkin and start stuffing. I used a piece of paper as a funnel to help keep the napkin open so I could just throw it right in. 

4. Once your pillows are stuffed, run it through the sewing machine {or hand stitch back together} and you're done!

It's messy work, but someone's gotta do it. 

Here they are on my new pride and joy... my Martha Stewart couch and chair.

The best part is that all four of these pillows cost less than $20.00 to make! I've been on a hunt for months now to find some cute pillows for these couches and couldn't find anything less than $20 EACH. 

P.S. You will now check every cute napkin to see if it is two sided when you're at Target next. Trust me :) 


  1. Brilliant! These look fantastic! One more thing to look for at Target. :)

  2. Stopping by form the Blog Hop and I LOVE your blog!!! I am a thrifty mom in training and love to experiment and learn new ways of being thrifty. I will be following your blog for inspiration! :) http://yvettestamper.blogspot.com/

  3. Great idea to use napkins to make a few throw pillows. I have been waiting to add a bit of color to my coach with new pillows, so this would be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration. ;o)


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