Day 14: 10 Things that make me REALLY happy

May 14, 2013 Topic of the Day: 
Ten things that make you really happy.

1. my husband

2. food
If I'm in a bad mood, my favorite foods will make me snap out of it right away. Pancakes, ice cream, raw cookie dough and many many more. John knows this best.

3. presents
{This is me crying over my Louis Vuitton on Christmas.}

4. my dogs
 Modok in his purse

Fifi and all of her limbs

5. Kristen Wiig as the Target Lady on SNL
{if you haven't seen this, you HAVE to watch it!}
{bare with me through the commercial}

6. e-cards

{some are just so applicable to my life!}

7. music
Cranking Taylor Swift's first album driving down the freeway with the sunroof open.

8. Home Goods
I get butterflies when I walk into this store. Seriously, it's such a treat when we go there {since it is 2 hours away} and makes me SO happy every time.

9. crossing things off my to-do list
I'm obsessed with lists. Sometimes I make lists of things that I need to do just to cross them off. I didn't need the reminder, just the joy of running the pen across the paper.

10. giving
I love giving things to people. I love seeing their face light up as they open a present that they weren't expecting to get. Sometimes this means I get a little carried away, but it is just so rewarding to me. 


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  2. Crying over the LV. You and I could be best friends!

  3. I love to-do lists for that exact same reason! My husband thinks it's funny to find all my to-do lists around the house.

  4. I am OBSESSED with my Louis', so I totally agree with you there! I have 4 of them and its a shame the attachment I have had for them! :)
    I'm your newest follower and brand new blogger! I found you on friend connect blog hop! Mine is


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