Pastel Themed Party Ideas

My co-worker and I are really obsessed with each other's birthdays. Since we're both crafters, we take advantage of the opportunity and go all out to decorate our conference room table for our office lunch birthday celebrations. Do you remember when she transformed our office into a popping pink party zone for my birthday? I was having a really hard time coming up with ideas to top hers, so I went with a random springy, pastel-y, girly theme for her party. I sure didn't come close to outdoing her decorations, but I think mine turned out pretty cute :) 

I covered our conference room table with kraft paper from our warehouse. Then covered the kraft paper in homemade doilies that I cut from all sorts of pastel scrapbook paper. 

I wrapped floral washi tape around clear cups and put some cute paper straws from Pick Your Plum in them. This was harder than it seems since the cups aren't perfect cylinders, but the small pattern helped hide the creases.

I re-used some pinwheel candy tins that I had made for a different party. They came in handy to bring more color to the table. And of course, I had to fill them with Laffy Taffys because my coworker and I are obsessed with Pick Your Plum and make purchases from them daily!

P.S. If you didn't know this existed, you're missing out. It allows you to cut your own doilies out of any type of paper you want! Plus you can buy cartridges to cut different shapes and sizes! 

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  1. Wasabi tape is the new duct tape. Love it! You guys are so good to liven things up. Any job openings where you are ;)

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