5/12 Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. 1 year ago I was doing ….
2012, Age 23: 
This was the year that we were determined to pay off all of our debt. My student loans came due at the beginning of the year and we owed money on a car that I bought the year before. We went into ultra-saving mode and saved over 50% of our net paychecks. Not only did we pay off all of the debt in 8 months, but we also ended up with a lot in savings. Good thing we did that, because little did we know that we'd be selling our house and looking to buy a new one by the end of 2012!

2. 5 years ago I was doing ….
2008,  Age 19: 
Finishing my second year of college and only 4 classes away from earning my Bachelor's in Business Management {I got that information from FB}. I was still living at home, working for the meter company, babysitting for multiple families and apparently being really skinny.    

3. 10 years ago I was doing….
2003, Age 14:
John and I started dating in July. We pretty much spent every day together that summer with two of our best friends. This picture sums up the year 2003 for us. You won't understand, but we turned his Dad's garage into our main hang out and had so much fun. 

4. 1 year from now Ill be doing…
2014, Age 25:
John will be finishing his student teaching and will hopefully have a teaching job lined up for the following school year. I'm probably going to be doing the same thing as I am now {working, crafting, nothing} but I will admit that there will probably be more talk of a certain 4 letter word around our house...

5. 5 years ago ill be doing….
2018, Age 29: 
We'll have two children and John will have his dream teaching job. I will hopefully have the same job that I have now. It would be pretty cool if I had my own side company too. Maybe a craft/gift shop on our Town Green?

6. 10 years from now ill be doing…
2023, Age 34:
Wow. This is really weird to think about. The year 2023 seems so futuristic to me and age 34 seems so old. However, I know time will fly by and before I know it, 10 years will pass. I think I'll just be focused on our family by then. I still plan on being a working mother. Hopefully I'll be running my own company by then, but even if I had the same job then as I do now, I would be grateful. 

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